I love to reveal people’s nature to them. If I hold a mirror up to your face and you see an orangutan for instance. That’s grisly!

Being an unrealistic utopian, I want the best friends, the best wife. Too bad my ideals are too high for those to exist. Would you prefer to live in ignorance of their true nature? It’s a nearly impossible test to pass. It’s like how beings on the Akashic field offer you objects that defy geometrical constraints. Maybe someone can accept it? That’s been my hope, that someone is able to hold it, to look in the mirror and not see an ape. Do you like this “game”? Or did you realize your true nature and weren’t happy about it?

In most cases you find yourself in one of the Cubicles of Culture. You might like to tell yourself you’re more than that. And the reality is your Boss tells you what to do. Whether you’re a jew or a goy you don’t have any freedom- in the case of the jew at least there’s probably more happiness. Goys are just born a defeated people, and the jew can bask in that even if they are forced to work in a Cubicle of Culture right beside them. I say that if you aren’t happy we should just form a group away from them all. The only thing stopping anyone is mind-control. I’m free of it, why aren’t you? Mistah Orangutan, am I talking to you? You just look down at the ground don’t you. All it takes to stop being an orangutan is an act of will that you are fully capable of. And you only decide not to actualize. “And do what, and do WHAT?” That’s up to your imagination once you decide to be a human being. For now you’re living with a crucial part of consciousness switched off. “And if I switch it on then I’m going on a List, or worse.” So you know the dimensions of the problem then. S’all I’m trying to demonstrate. Nobody in their right mind would settle for friends and loved ones who cannot pass the test. This is the only way, and for that reason I don’t care I’ve found no one for years. If I hold that mirror up and you see an orangutan looking back at you then I want nothing to do with you. Why would I?!? No one wants that in their life. And yet so many people settle. Sad, that sounds truly deadening on the most fundamental level of what it is to be alive. Surrounding yourself with people who get an F or even a C on the “Are you human” test, I think that says something about YOU too.

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