It’s over for you, you’re a bunch of niggers with white skin. It’s time to accept that you are a retard who is controlled by Jews. You already missed the boat, I was your last chance, and they knew that too, and now the lights are going out in your mind, and I don’t care to save you anymore because there’s nothing to be saved.

That alternate reality where I actually had a friend in the world the last few years. HAHA! Capital or whatever term you prefer would prefer people like me simply feel alienated from all of humanity. It’s really all niggers everywhere. You have white skin? That doesn’t matter. You seem like a nigger. How would you like if someone called you that to your face? You’d want them not included in society even if it were true? Sorry to tell you, you’re still a nigger.

It’s the side of illusion they’re on. They want anyone who challenges the ruling-caste to be alone forever. That’s their true plan. They only want humble subjects who will promote their order of recognizing niggers are humans. Nah, you’re a nigger! Prove you aren’t if you’re so offended. I bet you can’t. Because you are a nigger.

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