They probably put Latinas through a Farsi program and have them wear hijabs

Apparently they not only target ordinary Iranians, they specifically target elites of their society, because if they infect the elites the elites will infect the citizens.

You might imagine some confident politician or actor who thinks he can “get away” with watching the satellite broadcasts, and then he gets subtly “flipped” without his realizing it. There’s a reason so many psychotherapists are Jews, and they use that same psychological perceptiveness when they create movies and shows.

It seems they’re slowly killing Iran from within, without the use of guns or bombs. Though! if a physicist shows too much prowess they will make haste to utilize violent methods.

From what I’ve seen of the shows they broadcast they seem to promote “relaxation”. It’s an attempt to make the A in their Absolutism lower-case. I know I always say it, it’s like they tell them wouldn’t it be nice to have a weekend in Vegas, wouldn’t it be nice to let go for a little while? Obviously they’re not direct like that, it’s more subliminal.

I hate to tell you people, the ones they allow on social media have a similar effect.

It’s a diluted form of Islam that is more susceptible to zoggification. Not like I have to even bring Boulainvilliers into this (someone who’s all the way to the right) – a good rule of thumb is to just expect to see some degree of leftism in virtually everything on the internet.

Some things these Iranians say really hit

The 21st century has been the height of shamelessness throughout history, and in this story of shamelessness, women have been sacrificed more than others and subjected to instrumental abuse. 

Pretend you’ve never seen this technology before- there’s something evil about the way they do this

It’s possible to “beam” 18,000 TV channels into their country.

Many of them are purposely designed for children too. “Liberal cartoons”. If you’re opposed to that I wonder if you’re biased by having… watched liberal cartoons as a child.

This is the air we breathe here so you probably can’t even understand what is being said in this

media imperialism seeks to de-identify non-Western countries, especially Islamic ones, and to propagate degenerate Western culture

This is a scary way to look at it

The arrival of a satellite in the house can be considered as the arrival of a bad friend to his children and seeks to sow discord… Buying a satellite is an invitation to this ugly person

So it’s basically like letting a kike sit on your couch and say whatever he wants. Do you use twitter by the way? Unrelated question.

This looks pretty innocent doesn’t it?

This is one of the channels they say is produced by their enemies. You wouldn’t think of it like that just by looking at the surface. “Neutral entertainment” it appears as rather than media deliberately designed to destroy their society.

You might imagine a normie Persian couple sitting down to watch a show, feeling slightly “dangerous” and transgressive–and, before they know it, their subjectivities are Weimarized.

This is a recurrent theme on the Farsinet

the most important goal of the West is to promote the destruction of the family foundation

This is the most popular one in Iran

He’s much more influential in the west than Soros and no one ever mentions him.

“Doesn’t he control Fox News? That’s good, right?” That’s one of those simulacra that keeps you “relaxed” like an idiot. “Wahhabism”. It’s like that meme that goes “I believe stuff because Jon Stewart says it while making funny faces.” Same with Carlson except it’s the puppet on the right. No, Murdoch’s a great guy, whattaya mean?

This is so insidious

They knew that if they wanted to infiltrate the Iranian family, they could not eliminate Iranian culture and religion.

Murdoch is everywhere in India too. DID they end up tossing him out of China? The court’s still out on that one. I write about that here and here. In an ironic twist the Chinese have “cloned” Murdoch’s media and spun it in more of a direction they wanted. I.e. he tends to invade a given country by cloning their culture and spinning it in the direction he wants. The chances are YOU have internalized Murdoch yourself.

I show you this again- is there something evil-looking about this or is it just me

Who knows what’s on our screens these days, because we’re so used to it. Reading Iranian perspectives on our media has an alien quality

They just want people to be miserable or something? I don’t know, I get that sense a lot of the time. All atomized and separate from each other makes people weak, it does seem. Weak, vulnerable, sad, that couldn’t be the person reading this I’m sure.

There’s no doubt well-funded think tanks that Murdoch’s “people” consult when they create shows for various countries (including ours).

This article claims the main theme of this Farsi1 channel is promiscuity. What are they trying to do over there, I really wonder. They also claim satellites beam this theme to Colombia and Mexico too. I’m sure it’s not just there.

Maybe if it was like a scene here and there where the protagonist was frying bacon or something. It appears to be far worse than that.

If you have a country of bastards you’re not a threat

They’re more advanced than us in understanding media

This couldn’t be you, only people who aren’t you could be like this

They’re so much more aware of ZOG than we are

While a lot of these cartoons are kind of tacky, at least Iranians haven’t given up like Americans have

Your brain is pecked out.

Why is division of families a theme I keep seeing?

The war in the middle east continues through other means

You’ve already been sniped out, why would you care about this?

Do any “angel brains” still exist in the west anymore? Puh, sure

They probably want to do this, and know they’ll suffer the fate of Saddam if they did, so they settle for the propaganda war

Have you ever had the urge to shoot a missile at the ones behind the screens? If not you might be a defeated person.

Look, this is probably you

They know what’s going on

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