A couple book titles I see in Arabic that should probably be translated into English just for the principle of it

That these books weren’t written by Americans just shows that we didn’t put up any fight at all. It was a simple take-over.

Here are some other Arabic books you might want to click through. All we have is Mullins. They have sooo many turbaned versions of him. I saw someone say recently that they had us scared for 15 years of Jihadi “terrorists” kicking down our doors and cutting our heads off. Sounds accurate.

It looks like the Bahá’í faith might be another “freemason” creation.

Here is a radioactive rat. They often talk about this theorist as if he’s royalty or something

Dr. Bahaa Al-Amir is a serious Islamic contemporary researcher and thinker who deals with several topics and authored many books on Freemasonry.

It looks like he’s even taught at Damascus University

I tried to find HTMLs a few months ago with no luck. He’s the most interesting-looking Arab theorists I’ve seen.

He accuses this other Arab who wrote a 3000 page encyclopedia on the Jews of basically being a fed.

Look at the kind of person who reviews his books favorably – ready to move yet?

What are we missing out on with the PC women in our coutries?

If you talk about the “protocols” of the merchants in the west the women will only want to get revenge on you, being the Jews’ whores that they are. Wow, there’s really a lot keeping us in this country. In another post she calls it one of the seven most important books for understanding the world. If a woman does that here she’s not going to be working at a university anymore.

We’re so cheated in the west- look at this

Women in the middle east are like this, while the ones here hate YOU instead

This is a woman that’s actually “woke”. This is technically a doctor too. You can be recognized as a doctor over there and talk about this stuff without any problem.

“I’m loyal to mah cuntry!” I’m not. Fuck this place.

A WOMAN in a HIJAB has more sovereignty than you! AHHAHAHA!!!!

Tell me more about how great jungle savages are you hopeless nigger.

Most people in the west, their lives are already over. There’s no reversing the “education” they’ve been given. Even the “edgy” ones are half-feds, how pathetic. Total niggers.

This Muslim woman has a good post on feminism here. She’s from Algeria. I wonder if she’s ethnically French? Whatever she is, HERO of the day.

The west is in such a bad state. You can’t even begin to describe how bad it is.

Think of my previous post in this context too. “We” use insidious methods to imperialize them with our fallen culture. They’re the ones who should be teaching us, looking at this woman’s site.

Looking at women in our society I think “Are you a joke or something? I think you’re a joke.”

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