Still on that Muslim woman’s site

Herzl was able to meet with the Sultan after several attempts to convince him again that the Jewish banks were willing to pay off the debts of the Ottoman state in return for settlement in the land of Palestine.

This is Abdülhamid II, who died 5 years before that crypto-Jew Atatürk founded the Republic of Turkey. Nicholas II and Abdülhamid II, both died in 1918- interesting.

He repeatedly refused to give it up

This is what she says of Sabbatai Zevi

His group contributed greatly to the destruction of Islamic values ​​in Ottoman society. They also had a great influence on the Association for Union and Progress, and an effective role in the removal of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

So this group was meddling within the Ottoman Empire for close to 300 years. 200 Years Together? Rookie numbers, etc etc.

It must have been a gradual infiltration, many such cases etc etc.

the educated Ottoman youth were influenced by Western ideas. Among those ideas, they liked the ideas of the French Revolution

Look how well they blend in to other cultures

Reminds me of Johnny Cash

A race of actors and actresses

Good question

You never think about any of this when you hear about Israel, right?

This is like a proto-Saddam

They offered him about 25 billion of today’s dollars in gold and he said he wouldn’t accept all the gold in the world. What politician alive now would say that?

I want to know more about this guy now – what can you trust though?

First review I see, from the New York Times, seems to portray him as the villain. We have a nice collection now of “evil tyrants” don’t we? Ivan the Terrible, can’t really beat that name. Everyone’s already forgotten how they portrayed Trump, who wasn’t even alt-lite, so imagine what they can get away with with people from centuries ago.

I linked you to this site before though- this is the most thorough one I know of on the Ottomans.

This is from around the same time the US was “seized” you know? You look at your own country differently when you see how it happened in another country.

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