I always say exactly what’s on my mind, and I doubt you could say the same. If you hate me you hate reality.

To say that my perception is aligned with only the ancient Egyptian and ancient Hindu would be to only give you a slight picture of reality. The ancient Chinese, the ancient Greeks, the ancient Romans, the ancient Jews, had a similar viewpoint. So I have no reluctance to talk about things just because the country of the current year I happen to find myself in disagrees.

The US is an experiment country, not even 250 years old, we should’ve expected it to fail. Though, having Mayflower ancestry myself, I do look at the Chinese and ask Don’t you wish that was you? That uprooting has caught up with us however I do believe. “Perpetual Revolution” might be a good thing for evolution, IF it is in the right direction. The present trajectory is a return to matter, so I would not call that the right direction. Let’s just go ahead and settle all accounts- the Normans probably weren’t the nicest people around- before guns they ruled through the aristocracy of the sword and probably disfigured people who rose perfectly rational questions. So there’s that. Any Hebrew have anything to confess in this context? The honest hebrew Heisman actually referred to the Normans as “Überniggers” and he probably isn’t wrong. The ones at the top in old England didn’t believe in morality, and neither does our ruling-caste today. I’m an Übernigger myself in some of the ways I operate, because that is what is required to challenge the ones who control public-perception. I’d like it not to be that way, and that simply is how it is. They use every immoral means at their disposal to control us. The appropriate response is to call for the death of jewniggers, obviously.

Let’s settle accounts though, and move into a zone no one wants to. The roundheads of England seem like dorks from what I’ve read, and they are the Puritans who won the Civil War through outnumbering. In other words, you’d get cut with a sword for good reason. Why this general subject is controversial is it brings us to the question of whether the Jews are the rightful masters of the earth. Because it seems to me they merely have the violence to back them up. There’s nothing behind it to justify it. This is why you find the Puritans and Jews shaking hands, because they’re both timid geeks. Population numbers and capital don’t mean much to me, I judge people based on their character. And they all seem very sad, I pity how they cry when anyone criticizes them. People who are so sensitive have the right to rule the only planet in the known multiverse, alright checks out. No. Their egos prevent them from doing what is right. Only those who do right deserve to wield violence.

Have you ever seen one justify how they do right? Or do you exclusively see them hiding the fact that they have totalitarian control? They have nothing to show for it. A country of atomized people run by tyrants.

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