People who challenge the ruling-caste shouldn’t exist in the future and only niggers who can’t should populate the country. You seem really trustworthy.

That’s what people usually call “the system”. It’s an ugly truth they never speak of.

This has always been an occultist or “freemason” “cladistic” and I always tell you to be as free with it as you want.

The ones who dominate society through capital and violence are controlling everyone to accept no one should ever question them. If you question them then you will die alone, and even worse. That’s my experience so far at least.

There’s no real beauty in the world at the end of the day, you just have to settle for jewish slaves to be around. Nah…

“Why do you CURSE US TO THIS!” Why do you be a lazy person and never take time to focus on old dramas? The Greeks knew some things, why haven’t you read them even after I told you 100x? You’re the kind of person I have to deal with, okay.

You’re intimidated to accept their demands because anyone who challenges them will be poor and alone. I’d rather be that than not telling you they seem like niggers very distinctively. Throw some intimidation and money on there to hide you’re a nigger. No gold in the world is worth telling you that, nigger.

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