For years I only knew him as a translator, then only recently discovered he has a strange theory of laughter, and apparently this is true

This is from the dissertation I was pulling from the other day involving Boulainvilliers.

Some types are born to obey, that’s something these two believe. I’m just trying to understand you people, I hope you don’t get too mad at me for that.

This Greek poet from over 2500 years ago really explains me

neither from the bramble spring roses or hyacinths, nor ever from a servant-girl a noble child

Few know that yung neech wrote on Theognis of Megara–that though for another post.

What implications would this have

‘race thinking’ is fundamentally based in noble tradition

Anti-racism is a pleb, i.e. ignoble sentiment?

Like I said, you probably never heard of Boulainvilliers… or anyone else of his blood in fact? This is a grave concern that’s in question- WAS there a genocide of the nobility? I.e. was it simply the doing away with people who had particular customs, or was it people with specific genetics? If the latter, then I question whether any real utopia is possible without facing the fact. Plebs don’t understand real happiness. Suffice it to say, if you are the type that is born to obey, that is a very particular kind of happiness, and not one I would be content with personally.

I’m trying here to see if I can extend that Norman/Saxon thesis more broadly, i.e. does modern anti-racism have its roots in the killing off of a certain race? In other words, it could be that mostly all that is left are people of an inferior race. That would certainly explain a lot- both the ubiquity of anti-racism as well as the cowardly resistance against it. It seems accurate to say that whites themselves feel like the royalty and nobility of the world and they want to do for the world what they had done to their own royalty and nobility, i.e. eliminate them (eliminate themselves). They have a guilt, because after doing away with their own they left the world themselves, wherein there’s a similar dynamic, of white and brown, noble and pleb. There’s not really a clearer way to say that so reread it if you need to. It’s disturbing to think that “real democracy” doesn’t have anything to do with votes, it has to do with the noble race not existing anymore. Anti-racist whites are auto-guillotiners. Ironically, only a pleb would do that. Still, white plebs are nobles next to brown plebs. Controversial opinion- only ignoble people will not like to hear this way of speaking.

If you’re not allergic to this stuff, I’m seeing lots of buried names here. Of course this was written by a pleb, so take what you can get.

I think European ideologies in moderation allowed us to ascend to the pinnacle on the history of earth, and when pushed to their ultimate conclusions we have descended into niggers. Relatively speaking. Looking at our decadence one might surmise the Iranians are the master-race. Previous of our generations could be labeled thus, and the ones we’ve fallen into since then, not so much. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese go beyond us when we were at our best. It doesn’t have to be that way, we could do that ourselves, and there are unfortunately probably too many proud plebs among us for it to be possible. Click that link though, lots of food for thought surrounded by leftist rhetoric.

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