How can I resist not clicking someone like this

Know what’s weird? I only know Ludovici through his prefaces to his neech translations I read years ago, and even through those few paragraphs something seemed exceptional and memorable about him. Kaufmann steers people in such a wrong direction, just burn those books. It excites me to see someone like Ludovici wrote books like this because I feel like I live in such an intellectual wasteland in 2021. Huh, so that anti-feminist one was only published a few years ago for the first time.

So many books to choose from here, I’ll have to go with the most pertinent one, wherein he discusses Habirus under a pseudonym in 1938. You were born to obey, YOU don’t like to see this do you.

Okay fine, I’ll avoid that. How about this instead

See what I mean? Where to even start with this guy?

I’m drooling now

The two chapters devoted to Charles I and the Puritan Rebellion

He calls that the decisive turning-point in England and the origin of all evils. I’ve only mostly seen Roundhead-sympathetic historiography on this. You can’t understand America without understanding England.

WW2 can’t explain everything, because even in 1909 it was like this

it is not as if the subject of Aristocracy had been discussed ad nauseam by a large galaxy of able writers. A glance at the Subject Catalogue of the London Library alone shows how inadequately it has been treated compared with the long list of books which deal with the opposing principle of Democracy.

He wrote this book after he had translated neech’s late works.

He seems right to call it this

Charles I, the last to make a stand against the influences and tendencies which ushered in the present Age, our Age.

Note that a good portion of each of these “buried books” I find probably deserve a stand-alone secondary text on them, and I usually just give you a brief glance to possibly entice you to get a better understanding of them yourself. To put it bluntly, if you don’t care what the aristocratic perception of art is then there is probably something dead inside you. Material like that is extremely rare to find. The Roundheads want to know nothing of it–it’s against their temperament–so they have swept it under the rug for centuries. And their Habiru brother-in-arms has gleefully aided them along the way. Without a nobility around the Money Power rules without having to worry about any disturbances. Further, there’s an industry for “democratic art” that they profit from immensely. That both makes them money AND dulls people’s souls, making them easier to rule.

Now I’m thinking of this paradox.. how to get someone who isn’t a “servant-girl” to be MY servant-girl. Am I the only one with that ideal? AHAHAHA it seems like it.

Anyway, this perspective exists in next to zero neech scholarship at all

“Hey, he sounds like you!” Yeah, we’re going extinct, does that make you happy?

Next he goes on to say that countries that accept “our” principles will flourish more and have more of a longevity. No doubt about it. TOO BAD! Like I said yesterday, the Axial Age of the ancients is diametrically opposed to this Democratic Age of ours, and no wisdom is to be found here.

Something peculiar about Ludovici is that he was born and lived his life in England, while being ethnically a mix between German and French. So one might speculate that he missed the plebbization of the population following the execution of Charles, and that could explain his ethos.

It’s so true

Is it not clear to you that the men who know, the men of taste and sound instinct, no longer have any say in human affairs?

So, Ludovici wrote about how things have been going downhill since the execution of Charles, and then he lived through a further phase of that process in the 1940s. That must have been a “downer” to witness.

I can’t imagine not getting excited about finding this sort of thing. Does no one else feel suffocated by the “Roundheads”?

One of the things that brings me despair in life is that some people do seem to be of a non-democratic nature, and it’s only fleeting. It would be better for them to never show signs at all, almost. I don’t know of anyone who is “permanent”, who is this type of person without any need for outside reminders. The pleb flickers back in. This is the exceptional type, this pleb-noble hybrid, the majority aren’t even that. Now leave me to this old buried writer…

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