Continuing the investigation of the merits of this postulation

an age which is in every respect the creation of Charles I’s maligners and murderers

Ludovici says (1915) it’s taught in English schools that Charles was a despicable despot, and I can’t imagine that if he’s taught at all in American ones it’s very different. The name of his enemy Cromwell is at least familiar to us, his not so much.

This gets at a further suspicion

Thomas Carlyle, that utterly Puritanical and obtuse romanticist and ranter, of the stupidest and vulgarest age in history, should have spoken of this great King’s death as follows–

Remember the Viennese school of art history, Sedlmayr, etc.? It’s one of their theses that the rot set in as early as those German romantics who I and Carlyle are so fond of. I’m open to the possibility- many of them were enthusiastic about the French Revolution. It’s funny though, because in the reactosphere today Carlyle is seen as one of the exemplifications of rightism – who knows!

This is the way Ludovici frames the two sides of the English Civil War

lost their lives in this quixotic struggle against a mob of unscrupulous shopkeepers, and in the end, as we shall see, only the loyal nobles and the poor clustered round their King to defend him.

Remember these are the early days of Calvinism.

Royalty, nobility, and poors vs. Mammonites?

the close connection which the commercial element in the nation bore to Puritanism.

This is an interesting angle

Cromwell himself, whose Puritanism was almost a conscientious justification of their being in possession of lands which had once belonged to the Holy Church

“Cromwellians” are the ones who prevailed in the American Civil War, that’s why I keep bringing all this up. Do you want to be a shopkeeper or a Catholic, choose. That’s how Ludovici is framing it for now at least, and like I said, most “history” textbooks are heavily biased toward the Cromwellians. Oh yeah, and do I have to link you to those letters that demonstrate Cromwell was bribed by Jews to have Charles executed? Calvinists and Talmudists, a match made in heaven. Or hell, depending how you look at it.

Bribed by Jews? I should be more sensitive, that’s many people’s entire career we’re talking about here!


“It’s more dignified than that. I won’t explain how it is, it just is.” Okay.

I make so many friends with my friendly writings, I just know it.

Dude, this is profound

With the impudent effrontery of extreme Protestants, these people who supposed that the Almighty was always hobnobbing with them and standing perpetually at their elbow, just as the Low Churchmen, Methodists and other Nonconformists believe to-day, were not the sort of persons to respect an earthly King, however great.

He says the phantom of Popery haunted these protestants. Once you get rid of the pope and the clergy hierarchies, you’re left with yourself. What does a shopkeeper without any human authority above them know about God? Innocent question wink wink. So these holier-than-thou types, probably vulgar and mercantile, thought they could understand religion without instruction from anyone, and that’s what led to their mood which resulted in the execution of Charles. Just one person’s counter-history.

They believed the Almighty was hobnobbing with them… that’s too funny. You can see that in the zest of today’s puritans. “I’m on fire with the divine! The corporations told me to believe this but whatever!” If you truly knew the nature of the typical American you’d just make posts that were a textwall of the n-bomb and nothing else. They’re never going to understand because that’s all they are. It’s a dismal reality to acknowledge. Mammonite niggers who are separate from God and live in darkness. A new royalty and new nobility could help them, and too bad for them, huh? Anyway, I’m just trying to trace it all back to the concrete events that explain “why they’re so fucked up”.

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