One big happy family we are. No bitterness involved here. No pain at all. You don’t feel pain do you, in our happy family?

How much I laugh when I mess with you sometimes.

You can’t forgive someone for kidnapping you and purposely bringing you to hell? That’s not something to hold against someone, some people are just like that. You can’t accept them for who they are?

You had a fun time down there anyway didn’t you? Don’t they have laser-surgery to remove scars? Psychical scars on the other hand… It’s alright, maybe you were someone who invited suffering. I’ve only ever given people what they deserved.

Society is better without the kinds of people I criticize around. I’ve done my best to fix them, I doubt I have, I at least tried. The ones that can’t learn simply reveal the fact we need a great cleansing beyond mere words. Oftentimes words only make them even more of a malignant tumor of society.

“I like the Barney song, I’m going with the Barney song!” This IS the Barney song, what do you mean? You love meeee, I love youuuu, do do do do do do do, isn’t it?

I don’t think the Barney strategy is really helping things. It seems like unless you take my option you have no hope at all in fact. The light is going out, the light is pretty much already out.

You’re going to die without a fight too. You didn’t even put up a fight. What if everyone knew how much of a pussy you are? If you keep the ideal hidden then no one ever will, lucky you for having that option. Skank-woman and cunt-man, great offspring one can expect from that. And this is how the world burns. “What about Asian, isn’t that the world too?” They’ll be copying whites for centuries, there’s no sign they have creativity. Just look at their faces, they look like monkeys. You want to give the world over to them? Okay, you obviously don’t care about anything then. What are you, some Ellis Island nigger? Surprise surprise.

I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.

Really not much of a chance, even without the Ellis Islanders, the only reason they were invited was because of the Saxons, who were already a problem in themselves. Now we have 19% Latinos, 14% blacks? This is a hopeless country, a failed experiment. Half the population is educated to be shrews, even that alone shows the US is “not going to make it”. Pretty much nothing worthwhile here, maybe 5% of the population if I were being generous. And all the “95’ers” who are responsible for the descent into decadence live in total denial that’s what they represent. Meanwhile 4.99% of the viable 5% keep their mouths shut because they’re afraid of what the 95’ers will do to them. A real flourishing country we have here. Anyone who plays the Barney card with these types is corrupt and untrustable. No, you’re all a bunch of filth, I want to murder you, that’s the real opinion that matters. If only you didn’t keep my type in the back-alleys of the neo-gutenberg, we could probably help things. Maybe only 10% of the population would have to be forcibly… And 10% isn’t so bad is it? All the other 90 so percent will change on a dime, it just depends on the ruling-caste. The troublesome ones, the stubborn ones, maybe they’ll have their throat slit in the dark, who cares? We are objectively heading toward something lower than oriental despotism, so I think the sacrifice would be worth it. All the smart people who have to work shit jobs, those 10% can do those jobs instead if we don’t decide to murder them for being minions of pure evil. This concept of “reshuffling of rangordnung” we desperately need, just not in the direction that the ruling-caste desires. We want THEM in fields. And all their main cronies too. “Better dead, honestly.” You said that, I didn’t. It’s the American Dream, even Latinos are leveled, embrace it. Such a fulfilling life in a country like this.

I love you, you love me.. Yeah I actually do love you though, you think I just write out of pure hate? I love the potential people could have if they lived in a different political order.

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