This could be fun

Does this just happen in cycles? Our “1930s” can’t arrive soon enough.

The Frankfurt Schooler Ernst Bloch called Weimar the New Age of Pericles, so it depends who you ask- “decadence” is a good thing to some people. And that’s CLEARLY true today.

Like I said in another post about this, most of the material I find is pro-Weimar (probably because it’s so similar to our current culture). One article refers to 1933 as when “tragic order” set in amidst the chaos.

Most people know what a “flapper” is from the 20s of the US- something similar appears to have been going on in Germany too. “The flappers are my heroes!” People who don’t deserve a vote vote for democracy, funny how that works.

Cabaret seems like a symbol of the times.

Air out your puss’ why don’t ya. People started to raise their arms instead heh.

Maybe I’ll finally do a post on the aesthetics of dance later.

Is this something you’d like to see while eating dinner?

No one’s judging anyone here! All “dance” is the same, there’s never anything to judge, right?

“Can’t you just have fun?” This is nothing next to “dance” these days. Might as well be porno, because that’s what sells.

There are places you can go to experience a reenactment of Weimar first hand though

Once you cross the main door you will be catapulted back at least ninety years in a retro and decidedly “jazzy” environment, where the taste of the hedonism of the legendary twenties reigns supreme.

This is either cringey to you or not, it depends who you are

You can ask the Iranians what they think about our culture- they see everything as sexualized, and they seem to be right.

You might get suspicious about The Great Gatsby, which is set in the 20s, i.e. “they” might want people to like that time. Yeah you don’t think they control things that much? That’s probably one of the only “classic novels” you ever read.

Maybe things really do move in cycles and some of us should just go live in the mountains for a decade until things simmer down. What does being involved in the kulcher wor actually do for you? Seems like a waste of time. “Being a decadent” seems to be many people’s very personality. And all anyone who is opposed to them can do is mumble under their breath. Both sides- don’t you just never want to look at them again? Whether it’s left or right they both diminish your day if you see them. And that pretty much sums up most people, thus everyone will hate you, which in turn adds to your hatred of them. There’s just nothing meaningful our culture offers people like me.

Anyway, the Weimar Republic has been called a laboratory in experimental democracy, and that seems to be an accurate way to describe our present order. Just thinking of “votes” symbolically, everyone gets a vote, which means even the lowest of the low has an equal voice. There will be zero negative repercussions from that, right? The lowest of the low I recognize as an equal? Okay!

It’s misleading to think of “collapse” as an abstract political thing- people’s spirits collapse. And we’re well into that. If you identify with things I interpret as “decadent” that’s not a flattering thing about you. It means there’s disorder in your soul and it’s difficult for me at least to see you as a person. More like someone I need to babysit. Okay, I guess we’re both “adults” and I can’t babysit you unfortunately. You think I just make this perception up or what? The adults in the room are the ones who can only mumble under their breath. They need to be babysat too. Now now, you let morality disintegrate before your eyes and do nothing about it, looks like you need to sit in time-out, mister.

Time to go live in a cabin and stop bothering. It will probably resolve itself naturally. Or not, or we’ll turn into Brazil.

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