I keep seeing Sir Francis Galton pop up in “the kinds of things I’m interested in”

He had an ‘unbounded admiration for those of high scientific and social status who came from gifted families’

He was Darwin’s cousin. A veritable “concept-creator” too by the looks of it. Another one of those buried old explorers, he traveled to Egypt, the Levant, and SW Africa as a young man, before going on to write on eugenics, a term which he coined. So something similar there with his older cousin and the voyage of the Beagle.

You know the idea of “correlation”? Sometimes ideas are just invented. Galton invented the idea of correlation. “Nature versus nurture”? Yeah he invented that idea too, siding with the power of nature, I might add. He was a polymath no less, an astronomer, anthropologist, and meteorologist who wrote on cyclones, avalanches, oceans, and rivers, as well as the domestication of animals, and innovated various concepts in the field of statistics, even writing a utopic novel at the end of his life, and that’s only the half of it, thus this seems to be the right person to also write a book about genius. Seems like someone you’d want to travel around an exotic country with despite some of his “nasty” views. I’ve seen this quite a few times now- polymaths who dabble in wrongthink. If you hate a polymath that just makes you look bad in my opinion.

In an alternate timeline where people with Galton’s ethos prevailed maybe I’d be digging up old buried communist materials. I just like people to know the other side of the story. Also I want to breed a race of supermen, I confess it!

How do you like a polymath writing a novel about this??

Those passing the examination with a “second-class certificate” could propagate “with reservations.” Those who did well took the honors examination at the Eugenics College of Kantsaywhere and were granted “diplomas for heritable gifts, physical and mental.” These elite individuals were encouraged to intermarry.

If you fail the test you work in a labor camp and are forced into celibacy. U mad? U not like that idea? Only those for whom these concepts make laugh shouldn’t be in such a camp. Like I’ve said before, just the mere fact of talking favorably about aristocracy and the like is all you need to know about a person. I wonder why you have a hesitance… It couldn’t be because you perceive your own self as “second-class” or worse, huh?

Forensic experts recognize Galton as playing a central role in putting fingerprints as evidence on a firm scientific footing.

As readily identifiable as you are from your fingerprints, so are you just as identifiable by the words you say and the interests that you have. Hopefully I don’t have your “prints” on file.

You don’t mind if I just cut to the chase do you–to what I think “the chase” is?

Mr. Galton maintains that mind offers no exception to the principle of hereditary descent, and he makes out his case conclusively. He proves, by overwhelming evidence, that genius, talent, or whatever we term great mental capacity, follows the law of organic transmission—runs in families, and is an affair of blood and breed

If you want to know the history of eugenics, Galton thought up the idea after reading his own cousin’s famous book on evolutionary biology. Probably not something they want people to think about too much.

Sir Galton studied various families of England across a broad spectrum

The subjects of his inquiry have been judges, statesmen, commanders, literary men, men of science, poets, musicians, painters, and divines.

Who cares if there are no more of these ones above in the future, right? If you subscribe to the pseudo-science of blank-slatism that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Sorry to be so crude- don’t people realize that birthing certain types of children is similar to taking a crap?

Time for the Barney song. Such a SPECIAL person, everyone is so special aren’t they? No one’s a hindrance to society at all.

Apt way to phrase it

I shall show that social agencies of an ordinary character, whose influences are little suspected, are at this moment working towards the degradation of human nature, and that others are working towards its improvement.

There’s no such thing as the degradation of human nature thankfully, otherwise it would be possible for life in the world to get really bad. So we can be grateful that’s never going to happen.

This is exactly what CRISPR should be focusing on

Why would people like this care about the degradation of human nature? They’re already degraded

They all want to paint the world in their image too, who can deny it? If only they had the humility to admit it and silence their degraded demands, their calls for further degradation. Who can expect virtue from someone like this though?

Galton indirectly offers us a solution to this problem

the average ability of the Athenian race is, on the lowest possible estimate, very nearly two grades higher than our own—that is, about as much as our race is above that of the African negro. This estimate, which may seem prodigious to some, is confirmed by the quick intelligence and high culture of the Athenian commonalty, before whom literary works were recited, and works of art exhibited, of a far more severe character than could possibly be appreciated by the average of our race

“I live too much in a state of degradation to care to read those.”

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