Imagine something as thoroughgoing as this

we erased the year 1789 from German history

This is Goebbels. Rosenberg said something similar in a speech. The Iranian Revolution is only so mimickable for us. “We’re erasing 1649 from western history.” Let’s do it.

This is interesting

“revolution”, in the National Socialist lexicon, means “circular return to the origin”, which was the meaning of the word before the French revolutionaries seized it in the years 1780-1790

Suppose Galton is right about the Greeks. That’s the origin the Germans consciously sought to return to. Sounds good to me. The beginning of entertainment (theatre), the beginning of science, a couple of the best things in the world if you ask me.

This subject ties back into that idea of shame. You need to have no shame to acknowledge this specific “revolution” as something to take seriously. Same with the Iranian one. “HOW DARE YOU!” Yeah I don’t care. I love how the mob lives in my head so I just hit my head with a hammer, that’s what it’s about, it’s an ascetic form of self-denial. I’m like anyone, I just whip myself because I know the mob lives in me.

Sounds better than Civil Rights marches bullshit to me

the Reich does not content itself with revisiting ancient history: it is led by it. Indeed by reincarnating in Leonidas at the head of his armies, the Führer not only regains possession of Greek soil but lives in reincarnation of the Greek hero facing his fate

You can pick your time in history that inspires you, and I think most people thoughtlessly accept what’s been handed to them.

he seemed to accept the possibility of defeat very early on

Yeah they were challenging international finance and most countries were on the side of the bankers. You just going to lower your head and not even try? I know for a fact I’ve personally put a scar on their face and I’m just one person. Imagine if we all teamed up together against them.

Obviously the Greeks and Romans are more palatable to the west than Islam, still though we can learn from the Iranians purely based on how recent their revolution was. I say we synthesize the two approaches in a way. Instead of Islam we draw on western antiquity.

Here’s yer buried name of the day- Fritz Schachermeyr. Oh right, we already did that with Galton, why not two. This one is a specialist in Greco-Roman antiquity who added Wagnerian mythology into the mix, opposing Marxist class-struggle historiography with the idea of the battle between the races. Jee, I wonder if a certain race has made it illegal to discuss the struggle between the races in any real sense. It’s almost like a certain race won and wants to keep winning, and if you bring any of this up their rule is threatened. Sound realistic to you? No… I used to tell an old Italian man about this and he didn’t like to hear it, too proud. Should we just accept it? I’m not accepting it. Merchants telling me what to do? I don’t think so. Maybe if they had a good “product” to sell me, and they don’t, it’s a bunch of cheap shit. They have a monopoly so they’re able to easily deceive you about this fact. When you take a glance at the books they bury you see they do business in fool’s gold. That’s what we call a worthless kike ladies and gentlemen. Who wouldn’t want to shake them by the collar and throw them off a building? You’d be insane to not want to do that. Instead you just see the schmoozes everywhere put on them. You’re pathetic! You nigger! Your dignity is gone. Your opinion does not matter if you flatter kikes. You all deserve to be rotting in a ditch. You must have some built-up mental issues if you’re so afraid and ashamed you keep these things hidden inside.

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