Is that just stereotypical of men to like to talk about wars?

“We settled it with violence, and we’ll settle it again with a subtler violence if need be.”

If you admit that then good, that’s all I wanted to show. Your political order pretty much rests on nothing that is real. You have to kill people and intimidate them with social violence in order to preserve it. That’s not “the rule of reason”. Again, that’s all I wanted to show. So while we’re here can you explain yourself though? I deduce you are tongue-tied and have nothing to say. If you had a face to face debate with me you would look like an imbecile and that is very obvious. That must be tough, knowing that’s true.

I myself have had to give you advice and suggestions over and over again on how to improve the leftist project. How pathetic are you??

I tell you if you care about the pursuit of truth then you will write an anonymous pdf that refutes everything I have to say. Maybe it’s on google somewhere and I simply haven’t found it yet? I doubt it, I think you’re just a mental midget. Am I wrong?

What we see today is mostly a power-grab by people who remind me of something that just crawled out of a sewer. What do you think is the real nature of the various types of people who form the majority? If you’re a “hooker” how am I supposed to respect you? It’s time for the Brain Trust to enlighten us with her timeless wisdom, we honor hookers here don’t we. Ladies of the night deserve such respect. Only a total loser would use you for anything more than a one night stand. Some of us think even less of you, and wouldn’t even give you that. So isn’t that nice, the universalization of women who no one could ever love. I bet that will be really good for society. Whores are so attractive. Oh yeah, they’re not masturbation objects that we use and discard, don’t worry your pretty make-up’d head about it. Thanks, you want to be a body I use to masturbate with? You must have such dignity. Every woman should be a skank. That sounds good for society overall. We can all find meaning in our lives with stank-hoes, sluts, and skanks everywhere. You really remind me of Beauvoir, what did you read, 2, 3 books in your life? Brilliant brilliant, our ladies are the best, aren’t they folks? Everyone should be content with an ex-prostitute. These are women who really have value, and we should acknowledge that. Worthless whores. They really embody the feminine essence, they’re a model for little girls everywhere. Let’s give it up for them, they deserve a standing ovation.

The unborn kids of the world must be so glad that they’ll basically be crapped out by whores in a toilet of a world. What excitement they must have to be alive.

“Are you done yet?”

Prove me wrong about any of this.

There are distinct groups of people to blame. It isn’t directly women, they’re arguably innocent in being naturally thoughtless. The ones we’re supposed to see as the chosen people do the same here as they do in Iran, promote orgies and dissolution in order to destabilize society – know why? It’s because they’re not the chosen people, they’re niggers who happened to be talented accountants who took advantage of it. This is what happens when you let a worldly people who only knows how to exploit their host for thousands of years be your ruling-caste without question. Can I go arm and arm with a prostitute? I’m so excited. Can I have some cowards for friends? Let’s see them talk about wars. They never will, these eunuch-slaves who hate anyone that tells them how much of a pussy they are. Prostitutes, pussies, kikes, these are the reasons for the decline of the west. Try not to be one of those, yeah?

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