Just off the record, epistemology in general is something I see as sacred, and I think the interpretation of dreaming is as controlled as politics is. There’s an “outside” to politics and there’s an outside to dreaming too. You are seen as an “obscurantist” for bringing this up so I tend to avoid it. All I’ll say is that if someone started talking about time-travel portals I wouldn’t dismiss them right off, and probably would at least let them make their case. The understanding of dreaming is controlled as much as any other form of thinking is controlled. This isn’t a hill I’m going to die on, I just emphasize there is a continuity between this and the other forms of thought-control I usually speak of so it would be unjust to leave it out. “The 1/3rd of their sleeping life we interpret for their waking self!” That’s by design. There are mystical states one can experience in dreams that are not lined up with the interests of the state so the state makes sure to control what you think of them, mostly reinforcing an attitude of forgetfulness.

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