People think this kind of thing isn’t real

Nothing to see here

This sort of thing is as invisible as taboo politics. It’s all under the umbrella of “non-ordinary states of consciousness”.

You’ll just get a funny look if you talk about this though, rather than get exiled from society.

Is there anyone out there? Some days I really wonder. You can distinguish multiple types of “fed” and most people are that, virtually everyone. Literal feds who work for the government, people who are funded by certain lobbies or institutions which make their aims identical to those of feds, people who WANT to be funded by those institutions so “play ball” for free until they’re “scooped up”, then there is the spiritual fed who simply despises the Ladder so much that they are commies as an end in itself. Even people ostensibly on the right hate the Ladder too.

Anyway, dreaming is one of the few avenues that could help people stop being a pathetic lowlife fed.

The type of dream I’m talking about happens approximately twice a years. And how many dreams do you actually remember? Especially after a half hour of being awake? I.e. even though people have this kind of dream twice a year they rarely remember it.

Is there anyone out there that isn’t a fed? I just feel surrounded by enemies of God on a daily basis for years. This is “the life”.

The specific “cycle of awakening” that gravitates around me has already failed miserably for the most part. Better luck next time. While I don’t know how many years it is between “chances”, I know this one in question is mostly “missed”. People like their plantation too much, I don’t know, I’m not going to pretend to understand them. The monkeys simply get fried by the light and they recoil. The door has pretty much closed for this cycle.

Anyway just forgetting about that, this is a good clarification

It is weirdly ironic that lucid dreaming is characterized chiefly as dream control, because lucid dreams are an excellent platform for experiencing novel and unexpected dream content.

You might create the setting, you might be conscious in it- that doesn’t mean you have control of what might be termed supernatural phenomena that occurs to your conscious self in that setting.

There’s a chance you’re feeling skeptical right now.

Trust the ¡SCIENCE!

The general lack of acceptance of extraordinary experiences and vision states as “normal” in Western medicine continues to this day

In the same way that it’s incredibly misleading to refer to “it” as the cathedral given that one of “its” tenets is anti-christianity, lucid dreaming and mystical experience in general also get the knife in our political order. Are YOU a materialist atheist? Even I am, because I was born in this order. I’m also a half-mystic who isn’t close-minded about any of this at all.

It’s like my post about the peyote church of the Native Americans that exists today- mysticism is similar to Dugin’s fourth political theory. It’s an alternative Truth to “Liberalism” or whatever you want to call the enforced belief-system. Lucid dreaming is one of only a few ways you can access this Truth, so I don’t speak lightly of it.

This is actually something new to the west, it’s one of the good consequences of the attitude of tolerance that followed the second world war. People didn’t take dreaming seriously before that, shamanism and eastern religion were able to be looked at with less bias. If you read recent articles about this you’ll hear the science of this is still in its infancy. It’s still considered “fringe” because it’s not hands-on empirical. You can call it “materialism”, “anti-christianity”, what have you- what it is is a particular theory of truth, typically known as scientism, which relies on the five senses and confirmation by a third-party. Okay, are you going to be in my head when I’m having a lucid dream to “verify” that what I say is happening is happening? This type of scientism is one with the state-religion, and thus any mystical state is held as suspect and not real. That’s nice, I don’t believe in your theory of truth, I don’t think THAT’S real.

The scientific revolution began fewer than 500 years ago

Many experts believe that shamanism—as a body of consciousness-altering techniques—is as old as modern consciousness itself.

And we were only Christians for 500 years before that.

Dodds identified a shamanic element in Greek religion and philosophy. Ross saw a parallel between druids and shamans. Tolstoy argued that Merlin was a shaman. Norse scholars such as Dag Strömbäck linked shamanism with the cult of Odin.

“Okay he’s bringing up MERLIN now, I’ve had enough of this!”

What do you know about pre-christian religion? Probably nothing.

The religion of Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals revolved around dreaming. We must understand everything about that with our fancy scientific instruments huh? Brain scans tell us everything we need to know, brain lights up, we “explain”, we “understand”.

I emphasize again that there’s something similar to the “JQ” about this subject. It’s a demonized theory of truth. And you need to have no “shame” to talk about it in a serious way.

It’s just those people who like crystals and essential oils don’t worry about it

In New Age circles such an experience is known as astral projection, whereas in indigenous cultures the phenomenon generally translates to soul flight.

“Well can you CONFIRM it with ¡SCIENCE!, you need to carry at least three experts in white lab coats with you on your soul flight or you’re talking nonsense.”

Don’t think too much about the afterlife either, because we know what ~science~ tells us about that too

the Tibetan Buddhist framework is that dharmas of sleep and dreams, which involve lucid dreaming practices, are at heart a preparation for death, including the movement of the soul after death.

It’s possible to be alive in the realm of the dead, so to speak.

I’m not exaggerating that I feel the SAME type of excitement when I link you to this to see some obscure names to google that I do when I link you to Russian or Persian political thought-criminals. There is both a mystical and political side that is taboo. Neither meet the standards for their Theory of Truth, that’s what it’s about. I proceed from different presuppositions than your theory of truth, sorry to tell you.

A key difference between the two, I’d say, is that the political provokes hostility, and the mystical provokes indifference. While both exist outside the standard epistemology, the latter arguably speaks in even more of an alien tongue than the former and thus it does not engage the emotions of the layman as much.

I’m reminded of this post

This “epistemology” is not allowed- only the “middle world” is ~supposed~ to exist

One is able to access the “political upper world” without lucid dreaming or meditative techniques. The same cannot be said about the mystical upper-world. Put differently, I can talk about the 109 in the US and if you’re not too much of a prog fanatic you will go into a sort of “altered state of consciousness”, and that isn’t the case if I talk about mystical experience in lucid dreaming- you just see words and don’t have the experience yourself. There’s a difference there. Funnily enough, there are two types of “fed” we can distinguish. The one in question will impulsively insist the “middle world” is the exclusive world that exists.

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