Ahh this would be a great mash-up to find

I’ve seen this superlative thrown around for years and I’ve never tried this myself

There are many accounts of junkies taking it and giving up heroin overnight. That’s mostly what it’s used for in the west. Shamans in an indigenous setting use it to this day to contact the “spirit world” and I want to see some phenomenological descriptions of it. If it IS truly the superlative entheogen then that is something important to know about.

I’m not surprised to see this kind of statement when looking into this subject

an occult or hyper-dimensional control system designed to keep humanity locked into a certain frequency of consciousness and being.

No that’s your fellow monkey from the desert that does that. Okay, maybe there’s another level above them, who knows.

I’m seriously not trying to be rude okay? This is where people have ritually used it, and I expect Ice Age brains can probably make better use of it

In the 1700s actually, West Africans were forced to flee into the jungles by Europeans where they met Pygmies who introduced them to iboga. This is the Bwiti tribe of Gabon for which the iboga ritual is generally known.

Not surprised

its spectacular effects have hampered native acceptance of Christianity in Gabon

This is the kind of description you frequently see

A Bwiti shaman or ‘nganza’ may describe iboga as a super sentient being

This super sentient being sounds better than any of our psychologists or pharmacists

a therapist capable of administering decades worth of therapy in a single night

I’ve mentioned before that I had some iboga seeds years ago and I was too afraid to do anything with them because I read that it’s possible to be driven insane by the experience, which lasts anywhere from 8 to over 24 hours.

If it’s the most powerful entheogen needless to say I don’t think it should only be in the hands of African tribalists, junkie doctors, and kids who want to “trip out”. Iboga warrants serious investigation. I’m just trying to stay ahead of the curve.

Heh, Michael Pollan released ANOTHER book about entheogens, just this summer. And he doesn’t mention this plant even once! And he’s seen as one of the only ~serious~ writers on this subject- “respectable”. So I take that omission as a symptom.

What are the “hoodlums” on erowid saying about it these days, I don’t even want to know. Ugh, reading a few reports, I’m not even going to quote anything. That’s what I mean, something that seems to be the Philosopher’s Stone in the hands of these kids who want to see some crazy geometrical patterns, mann! It’s still too early to find a Heideggerian talking about, unfortunately.

Some call it a root that takes you to the root of who you are. I’ve seen a few reports where people say you start at the very first memory in your life and work your way up to the present. It “de-represses” memories. Thus many say there are traumatic elements of the experience. Decades worth of therapy overnight, what do you expect, to be gently rocked like a baby?

I seriously relate to Galton when I discuss this subject. People still don’t understand what this is about. Certain of these substances are popular in Silicon Valley you say? And what type of person do you think takes them? Might as well be those erowid hoodlums.

And let’s be honest- what can you really expect from these people’s rituals

Scientists have been tinkering with the molecule, and created a nonhallucinogenic version

TBG increased formation of new dendrites (branches) in rat nerve cells, and of new spines on those dendrites.

What is this “super sentient being” like, that’s what I want to know. If it’s the superlative, then… Unprecedented mystical experiences I doubt the types of people I’ve dismissed even have the faculty for. I’m not being “arrogant”, when I was young and dumb I tried lighter substances with my hometown friends and they didn’t have a clue what was going on. Normies don’t understand anything. Ask an “art hoe” about her ketamine experience and you will no doubt be presented with the perspective of a brainless hedonist. “Hey it’s me, I’M the art hoe!” What did you think of Sedlmayr, eh eh? I’m trying to help you here. You’d love to chrip with me I bet.

This is what we’re after here, and it’s very possible with the right people involved

a substance which due to its visionary power is said to be able to awaken the “divine in itself”

People who are too enmeshed in the state-religion, which is intrinsically materialistic as I’ve said, possibly are incapable of using entheogens to their full potential.

It’s like how the well-known McKenna, who is kind of a sperg in a way, read lots of sci-fi as a kid and thus saw flying saucers instead of angels. It’s true that one’s culture filters the experience to a degree. So if you’re a fanatical prog you’re going to be limited in the phenomena you perceive. Out of anything though, this is one route that can possibly give one a “pure experience”. That’s the point ideally, to clear away most cultural sediment that’s built up and see reality without any bias. “Impossible!” Insofar as it is possible at all, this is one of the best ways I’m aware of. I haven’t tried this superlative one in question though so I couldn’t say- it just seems like you’d have to be confused to not have any interest in it if what is claimed about it is true.

Yeah when you climb a mountain you’re still in this dimension of reality though, so this figure of speech can only go so far.

If it’s anything like the ones people usually speak of in the same breath there probably is something to this statement

If we ever wanted truth and proof of magic existing, this is it.

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