One of our resident poet’s more obscure texts

I like the sound of Italian words more than Hebrew words, maybe that’s just me.

In this book he attacks Saint FDR for colluding with the dark forces of usury. Who would’ve guessed this seedy side of the story? What a revelation if that were found to be true.

Pound wasn’t simply a poet

he sees as a widespread crisis: the suppression, falsification, and erasure of the past.

The Cantos is a genealogical document besides being merely a poem, and they say that his Guide to Kulchur is prose that illuminates that poem.

He wrote this in “anno E.F. XV”, Year 15 of the Era Fascista, Mussolini’s initial rise to power being year zero. What, they don’t tell you about this kind of book? See why they put him in the loony bin yet? His visitors saw him as a political prisoner. We don’t have any Americans who went over to the German side or what? I don’t know of any of those. Lots of proud patriots of usury apparently.

He has books titled ABC of Reading and ABC of Economics which he wrote a few years earlier

Guide also remains the most complete textbook in the curriculum of Pound’s “Ezuversity.”

This is from the preface to the Guide– he’s quite the character and freespirit

This is where he was when he wrote it – these do not look like American buildings do they

It’s a good sign that a couple secondary texts on the Guide have been published the last few years- it’s finally not “too soon”. Oh and if you type “ezra pound” into z-library you’ll see quite a few titles have been added since I checked a month ago, maybe one will catch your eye. Possibly the greatest American poet of the 20th century, buried because of politics – who cares though, who would have interest in that? They want you only knowing about Maya Angelou and Allen Ginsboyg, starving hysterical naked indeed. “Hey, isn’t that you?” Shut up about that.

I think a lot of people are truly imprisoned to the election cycle. It’s an unhealthy hypnosis. The reason I detail writers like Pound is because they exist outside of that democrat-republican deception and ideally I hope someone decides to write a standalone work on him or others like him that exists outside of that false dualism so as to inspire people to stop caring about the distraction known as the election cycle. How about a Pound candidate for instance? The only way to get to that goal is to talk about people like this and stop caring about mainstream politics at all. He’s like the artsy intellectual version of Ron Paul or LaRouche and no one seems to care, I don’t get it. No, I get it, people don’t have taste.

Ahh my kind of guy

a Dantean diatribe against university presses. Oxford is singled out as especially loathsome, followed by Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, and others, all of which are run by brainless monkeys and usurious hacks “c’hanno perduto il ben dell’intelletto.”

It’s the MAINSTREAM METEOR!! No, these other presses are just as much of a problem, even more of a problem if you hold the life of the mind in high regard. They keep people retarded, truly. They keep professional intellectuals retarded! And all of Pound’s books he wrote in the Era Fascista avoided their censors. What are you doing, writing about some current event nothing? Whoopie dude you’re really doing something.

This again from the Cantos, I love this challenge

I have brought the great ball of crystal;
who can lift it?

People don’t know about this, this is awesome

Pound’s mussolinismo, or star-struck fascination with Mussolini, fundamentally inflects the book’s many twists and turns. He never forgot the question posed by the Duce at their one and only meeting: “Perchè vuol mettere le sue idee in ordine?” (“Why do you want to put your ideas in order?”)

The Guide to Kulchur is where he puts his ideas in order.

Pound is larger than life. Imagine if Hemingway had actually been the toughguy they try to paint him out to be. That’s Pound, you have to be tough to side with the fascists and broadcast about usury to your allied home country. Ooh Hemingway was a big game hunter and a boxer, who cares, Pound K.O.’d him on the plane of ideas by hunting the actual big game! Try to know the real story of the literary titans of the 20th century.

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