Grrr I hate this

I’m following Mullins’ suggestion to read Nohl’s study of the Bubonic Plague and its real causes “if you catch my drift” and this innocent abridgment is a disappointing thing to see.

I showed you before how a shifty Schiff had Du Bois edit his books to make them more “philosemitic”. This probably happens in so many ways we don’t even know, and will never know.

This Nohl study though was reduced from 284 to 159 pages. Is 284 pages really that much?? You okay, big guy?

Hmm Nohl was a member of the George Circle, intrissting.

60% of Europe’s population was wiped out. If there were people who deliberately orchestrated that wouldn’t you like to know? That’s even worse than the Bolshevik massacres, which to the typical reactospherian is thee most unforgivable crime they’re responsible for. “Who?”

If any other Mullinsian genealogists are interested in this mystery, here are some earlier historians Nohl himself draws from

So this is “their” time between Babylon and Amsterdam

as the plague devastated Europe, Jews were not only blamed but burned alive.) The Tartars chased Genoese merchants to their fortified town

The Pope defended them, pointing to another cause – I wonder if he was as “trustworthy” as the one we have today

“the pestilence with which God is afflicting the Christian people.” The vast majority of the population, however, was inclined to view it as a pestis manufacta (an artificially induced malady)

Note I’m not pulling from Nohl, I can’t find an unabridged version.

This isn’t a statement about COVID by the way (unless you want it to be), I’m just randomly following one of Mullins’ suggestions.

Even without Nohl, doesn’t this from an ordinary encyclopedia entry tell you something?

I wonder why you’re mentioned so much? Bound to be innocent.

Eh I ended up ordering the unabridged version off amazon.

For now, on to the Rusnet

Returning to the time of the approach of the epidemic, it should be noted that in Europe at that time severe persecutions against usurers began.

This is about 100 years after the historic burning of the Talmuds in Paris by the way.

This is from the abridged version of Nohl

And now here is what the Rusnet has to say about these “Genoese”

the Genoese, called “Jews” in the Russian chronicles

He says it spread from an area of “slave-traders” – who was known for that in the medieval times?

Someone’s reply to this Russkie

Nice, three of their worst crimes right here. I mean, can you think of worse ones? I bet you can.

Anyway, it just so happened to begin near the old Khazarian trade route

This article has some information

Genoa was a “medieval globalizer”… Kaffa’s main business was the much more lucrative slave trade…

This was the Silk Road.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Alright, I’m going to hold off for now and wait until that Mullins suggestion arrives, and get back to you about this.

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