I keep thinking of the Egyptian priesthood and Hindu brahminate. The Greeks were just the culmination of these river civilizations, that doesn’t mean there isn’t eternal truth to find in them. If there wasn’t something real about what they believed they wouldn’t be able to make you feel unhappy. I tend to have a neutral intent, and unhappiness is an indirect consequence of what I talk about. “My fellow priests” – this is who I always attempt to speak to. The chances are you’re a Noble Lieologist. The Egyptian/Hindu/Greek truth is too deadly in our time and has to be diluted to non-initiates. Not like I’ll act like my typical reader is an initiate, because they probably have to dilute it too. So you see, there are two types of Noble Lieologist. One is trying to “make it” with the current regime, the other is unable to accept the priest-eye-view. There are hidden levels to the so-called cathedral.

It’s not like I approach humanity with a desire to stomp on their face, my main goal is always to help them remember they are priests. If you feel the boot then you reached for the secret too soon.

I often feel like my existence is a glitch in fact. People like me weren’t supposed to be posting on the internet where anyone can read. Better kept on the margins of society somewhere so no one can hear. This can cause problems. Ah well, Team Rabble is figuring out how to patch up this glitch.

Just being conspiratorial for a split-second, to what extent is this ongoing lockdown and vaccination thing about something political? Trump was a sort of glitch too, and something tells me he relates to all this, like a controlled amnesia or something. Don’t mind me, just a stray thought I sometimes have.

To sum up though, I’m my own kind of “socialist” in that I only find equality with fellow priests and attempt to act as a magnet they can use to remember themselves in a time of strict speech regulations. Does my kind of socialism really exist? I have serious doubts it does. Virtually everyone is jewslave rabble from what I’ve observed. Even if they were, what else do you expect someone like me to care about? Like I trust a ~masonic lodge~ to find meaning in life, even less a university. It’s either be alone in the universe or be alone AND send out encrypted messages into the void.

So what kind of Noble Lieologist are you? The kind that needs to lay low to survive or the kind that hates the priest-eye-view because they are seen as a mechanical level of the pyramid? Answering that question honestly if you are the latter will help you ascend to a higher golden dawn grade. I don’t try to put a boot on your face, I want you to be free of being a mere mechanism.

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