While I want to say Drumont is the French Choinski it would be more accurate to say Choinski is the Polish Drumont.

“Who do you want to criticize today? Just be out with it.” Who do you think?

135 years after its initial publication it’s banned in France to this day. Probably because it still speaks to the times eh?

Are you cool with this?

I’m not. Jews are vermin. Thus they’re only capable of creating a verminworld. Who would even want a Jew to sit at the dinner table with them? I’d be too disgusted to eat. And you want them in charge of public opinion?

So anyway, you keeping track of these names? Soral, the exiled one. You want to know who the real philosophers of France are? It’s not these cuntheads you’re probably familiar with. I like my philosophers exiled, not promoted by every institution. Soral did somehow get away with publishing Drumont a decade ago, and today he has been erased from print once again.

Within the first 30 years of its publication La France Juive went through 200 editions. The times have changed. Freer times back then. It even inspired similar works in different countries- La Russie Juive by Wolski, L’Algérie Juive by Meynié, Jewish Austria by Trocase, and Jewish England by Doedalus. Banking monopoly, nepotism, cutthroat tactics, and doctrinal immorality against host countries WILL get you this problem. Sorry if you just want to do nothing about it.

Before you ask, no it’s not in English. You can access the insta-translated book here

The only one who benefited from the Revolution was the Jew.

He calls it the “Jewish Conquest”. Can you even wrap your mind around how much history needs to be rewritten to understand it properly?

France, USA, you name it

It’s still too soon to even talk about it apparently! Not to me it isn’t.

1886+50, you do the math

in the space of 50 years, or at most a century, all of European society will be handed over, hand and foot, to a few hundred Jewish bankers. 

This is the kind of thing Soral and his circle write about too, and he must not make any contact with reality if this is how he’s treated

On 15 April 2019, after years of regular prosecutions and financial condemnations for his declarations, he was sentenced to a year in prison

Just telling you, most countries have their “dude” and Drumont seems to be France’s, and Soral partakes in his “tradition”.

Where were you when Rousseau or Spinoza were exiled? Same people who neglected them in their time do the same in ours. You follow trends, you’re a bitch. You flatter the powers of the world. Fuck you! You probably make excuses about it too. Don’t act like you can hold your head high. Cowards should be looking at the ground, they’re not worthy of eye-contact.

All the pleasant sentiments you can find in this place, can’t you.

Poor France

One of the reasons they liked Drumont so much in the early days is that he included a list of names in his book. I wonder if they’ve changed them over the years?

I’ve seen videos of Paris. I don’t have any interest in visiting there, let’s put it that way. And I wonder if the ruling-caste is to blame for that? Who else would be? One would almost have to deduce that kikes are unfit to rule countries.

Here are some words Drumont frequently uses in that 2000 page book of his, I don’t think you need to speak French to get the gist

It would undoubtedly be a sign of healing if Drumont and Choinski were household names in the US, oh well… Better to be a schmoozer or a do-nothing instead, right? So many people just strike me as deserving respect, sooo many people!

I think of one of those books Drumont inspired I noted above, L’Algérie Juive, and remember how that girl I posted about the other day is from Algeria and how she can talk openly about all this. The Algerians must have learned or something! Either that or there isn’t enough worth plundering there. Either way it’s a bad sign when a MENA country seems more of an appealing place to live than France. Vaccine, vaccine? How about the vaccine that immunizes one from turning into a jews’ slave? Uh too late, you got JEWVID, you died, farewell.


I remember that Saint John ranks the timid among those who inhabit the infernal abyss and I do not regret having published this book.

An old Catholic. He cites Aquinas early in his study also.

Chop the heads off the real ones, and who’s left?

Think things are out of order if this is the truth?

Yeah just click that insta-translated book I linked to, you’ll find 10,000x more truth in that than you will from any of the shills they allow in public society.

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