Even though Soral doesn’t publish Drumont anymore he still has some other interesting books on his site

liberalism will never wash away its alliance with the bankers… continue to pay the latter an interest of 10 per cent per annum, until the consumption of centuries. Socialist state that we are still waiting for today …

You’ll get liberty and equality any day now… in the meantime keep making us rich. Just wait, any day now!

This Soral is a director and actor too. Wow, I thought I’d only find a book like this on the MENAnet

Cinema was born in France… At what point, then, by what means, did Hollywood and the film industry largely pass into other hands?

Soral publishes Mullins in French translation – why this book of any of them I wonder?

takeover by a private group of the entire health organization in the United States. United, from medical schools to so-called charities, including the pharmaceutical industry and medical insurance.

Mullins calls this focus on the monopoly of the medical industry the logical progression from his books on international banking. He says it might be the most disturbing revelation of his work. Seems like a relevant subject in 2021 to say the least.

I always talk about how the publishing houses are controlled, well here is one that isn’t.

One on the education-system of France

Tocquesaint reveals the stranglehold of the ideologues of May 68… The control of youth, its formatting, is indeed a totalitarian objective of which pupils and parents must be warned.

I don’t know of an American version of this book. We’re so lost here.

Whoa, one on the real face of Voltaire. No wonder they exiled, imprisoned, etc. this Soral.

One on the Rockefeller presence behind the sexual revolution. Approximately zero of these books you’ll see published by any mainstream outlets.

Wut there are documentaries too!

We have nothing in the US like this.

Yet another book you won’t see in English

the dark role of the main beneficiaries of rap, who also turn out to be the main instigators: for economic reasons, but also, and this is the most worrying, for ideological reasons.

People get rich for making us stupid, it’s great, man.

Ah another interesting one– this claims to be the real history of women.

It would change so much in contemporary society if they stopping seeing themselves as victims

We must in particular give up the seductive idea that women were born slave and prey, that they have long known only servitude and that their history is that of a slow accession to bearable forms of dependence, then step by step upon his release. Nothing is more false than this imagery.


It’s refreshing to see a “drawing” like this in the west, rather than the MENAnet

An anti-PC comic book apparently.

I repeat, many of these things are nowhere to be found in the US. (Yeah it looks like a well-drawn jew on the cover.) Maybe the French are better than us after all? I mean, even if lots of his countrymen hate him, Soral redeems his people.

They have an Adolf comic too- here is a “review” of it

There’s a section on the site called “Alain Soral’s ideal library” and it’s full of Céline. Yesyes naturally, a man of taste, etc.

This one looks interesting. I’ve posted about Marion Sigaut before, she has a knack for genealogy.

Obviously, I’m trying to make a “statement” with this post- THIS is what a publishing house should look like. We’re not the French so it shouldn’t be exactly like this, still it’s a great model to learn from though.

Here’s another random snapshot

Who would have the balls?

The closest thing I can think of that “we” have is Arktos press.

I click their site to see if they’ve stopped being “moderate” since the last time I looked and see this (((Frenchman)))

Benoist is the puppet they put before the French as the face of the right. Nope, that’s Soral. They publish Evola at least so I’m not going to hate them too much. Just another what I call “simulacrum” though unfortunately. Git gud like Soral’s publishing house. You can’t let the French be better than us! Someone should’ve given me a billion dollars by now to do this and other things, and you’re all too much of cowards and idiots. You have no clue how to do anything by yourselves so I’ve had to carry you for years, and that’s the sad truth about you.

Anyway, Soral has a Pound book too, on what happened after they knocked Lincoln off

It has been ridiculous ever since to speak of the United States as an autonomous power. Since when is it not less derisory to speak of the British Empire as an autonomous being?

Like it or not, this is a sign of good taste if you ask me

This one’s heartwarming to see, a right-wing book on homeschooling

Soral, one of the few people who seems to be doing something good in the world.

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