Out of all the books on Soral’s site this one looks most interesting to me

Histoire des Femmes attacks the idea that we have of the feminine condition from the image bequeathed to us by the 19th century: that of a weak being easily oppressed by men

Is it a myth or not? Don’t you want to know the truth? I don’t know if this book will contain that, I just know that this Soral site I found it on seems a lot more trustworthy than most.

I for one suspect there was probably a subtle gynocracy for quite a while, because if you look at how they operate today I don’t think this could be a “newly acquired characteristic” of theirs, their ability to control public opinion through the sheer fact that if you don’t do what they want you’ll back jackin off! Seems pretty obvious to me at least.

This is really what they believe, and this victimology grounds a lot of their power too

is it possible that they accepted, in silence, fifty centuries of continuous servitude?

Wait a second here, if you’re minding the home while the man is out doing everything else who is the real servant in this equation? I won’t hesitate to pop your balloon.

“Nooo we have so many benefits from being victims!”

They literally hate us for this, and who knows if it’s true? We know now that Jewish history at least is total bullshit, so maybe this is similar? Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Rabbis praying to Satan, you can’t beat that one can you?

This is a pretty spicy subject actually.

It’s not just a “19th century myth”, it’s even more recent than that

Women’s History is a branch of history devoted to the study of women as a social group, which emerged in the 1970s and is closely linked to feminist struggles.

Oh I bet that wouldn’t bias it at all, huh?

What’s that song, Losing My Religion? Feeling the ground disappearing beneath your feet?

I think if nothing else you have to admit that it’s accepted as a matter of faith and you’ve never studied it yourself, or if you have you’ve read feminist material on the matter.

I bet whatever’s the truth, they don’t care, what they care about most is preserving their victimology narrative.

So, this Bardèche wrote this book from Soral’s site a couple years before the spike in feminist historiography began, in 1968. If you remember my earlier post today, the 68ers have been in control of the academy in France since then. So this is a pretty opportune time to find a study from. He also has books on Céline and Bloy, among other things, and only one on cinema has been translated into English. He’s a revisionist outside of Women’s History also, publishing Faurisson. Is he possibly the Faurisson of Women’s History? That would be devastating, and too good to be true, so I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet.

I think they use their supposed “victimhood” to get away with being not exactly the most upstanding members of society, that’s just my opinion. And if I can find evidence that is a fabrication then I will warmly invite it.

“So you have an AGENDA then?” Yeah I want to read my first ever sustained account that isn’t from a feminist, I don’t think I’m the one with the agenda here. I’ve only seen this issue hinted at fragmentarily, and I had to find an actual book on it on a site created by someone they exile and imprison, isn’t that nice?

Seems like a certain kind of cycle here

Anyway, if you can read French, the book is here at least. As with most of the interesting-looking books on Soral’s site it’s not easy to find online. This is rare though, someone with the integrity of Faurisson writing on this subject. Just admit it, you don’t know WHAT to expect from something like that.

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