Are you a protected person?

If so, what are you protected from?

I think of this place as, among other things, somewhere protected people can go to see what they’re actually protected from. Are you happy to be protected? Again, what exactly are you protected from?

Words? Realities words express?

Try to hammer it in your head that the “theological-political” is historiography. That is to say, the interpretation of the past has something divine about it and it determines all politics.

Since I can’t expect you to do it I will narrow it down for you- you want to be protected from the past.

Would you say our culture facilitates acceptance or denial of the past? I think it’s clear everything is characterized by denial.

This causes severe problems from my observations. People are only “protected” so that they can continue to repeat their same mistakes.

You probably are interpreting this on an individual level- no, that’s not my meaning in this case. In the case of women for instance I intend to talk about “Woman through time”. Women see themselves as a group, which is to say, not one that only exists here and now, and rather one that has existed through time. That’s what I mean about “being protected from the past”. Obviously my best friend -hugs them around the shoulder- the Jew has something similar.

Protected from the past. It’s an interesting notion isn’t it? What are they protected from?

Does being protected allow them to continue to do the same things they’re protected from being told about?

After 1917 in Russia they didn’t have the opportunity to talk about this with much thoroughness because they’d be removed from society. Nothing like that going on here! At least with the internet the “protected ones” have the choice to discover for themselves why they’re supposed to be protected.

Call me an idealist, I think if we started from reality that would be the best foundation to build from. WERE women “oppressed” for thousands of years? WERE jews persecuted for no reason for thousands of years? Why not start from reality? Do you have a vested interest against that or something? Enjoying being able to live with impunity and have “special rights”?

“THIS is why we keep him in a digital gulag!”

What you’re protected from is admitting your own nature to yourself. Why don’t you take a moment to do that?

“I don’t have a nature, I’m ME.” So why do you have to be protected then?

The only reason you have to be a “protected person” is because you’re not neutral, you are connected to the past of the type of person you are. Woman through history, Jew through history. So tell me, what is it exactly you don’t want people to know about you?

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