I know it’s probably painful to read it and you should do your best to get over it for your own good, that there are different degrees of “shill” and you can only spot them if you’re outside of their nexus entirely. The chances are you are some kind of shill. Are you going to gnash your teeth bitterly about it? I am suggesting to you it’s possible to only have the appearance of a shill. Not many can pull this off probably. There are easy ways to spot them and indeed they exist on different levels. That is, some are worse than others, some are better than others. Nonetheless, most people in the world seem to be shills. Sorry if this subject upsets you too much, do you have something to confess? I repeat- it’s possible to be one and not be caught at all. This is the ideal if you want to live in their world and try to help them. I don’t live in their world and I want to help them, that’s why I say you can’t understand the different shill degrees, because if you’re in that world then you’re obviously biased.

Most prominent advice I can think of- they will NEVER admit they are shills. Being one of those, it’s their nature to hide it. Do not pay attention to the surface of what they say.

As dismal as the thought is, the best rule of thumb is to expect anyone who is talking in public to have acquiesced. Their normal state is one of obeisance, and they will paint themselves as if they represent freedom. No…. do not be fooled about this.

My days are numbered I think, there’s only so much “glitch” they allow before public consciousness is engulfed by a wave that means “lights out”. So you should heed these words of mine- these people only pretend to represent freedom. That is their entire shtick. It makes me laugh the way I phrased it the other day, they “play ball” in hopes of being “scooped up” by one of the shill industries. Know how to detect these ones. On the surface they want freedom and their true self really wants “lights out” because they’re ashamed of their history and want to be protected from ever learning to grow. The world is one of those tiny clown cars, and close to seven billion or so can fit in it.

If you feel accused when I speak of “protected people” why don’t you just talk about it openly? Anyone who matters would respect you a lot more if you did that. I’d love to hear about the Celtic experience in a raw way for instance. Everyone is so guarded. People hate billionaires these days and I bet one could actually be honored by the many if they were to nuke their fellow rich that they know so much about.

Poor shills, rich shills, who is actually someone I’d be “enchanted” to listen to? I mean, if Jews are truly the master race then why do they need to be protected? They tell themselves one thing and the truth seems to be they’re scared to be questioned.

Thanks I guess, I look for someone to “enchant” me and it’s only shills in our culture, so how could that happen. They must find it satisfying to appeal to the protected groups. Let me tell you something- if I made a protected group clap for me or something I wouldn’t get any kind of fulfillment out of it. That’s why I don’t address myself to them. And yet so many do! How do they find that meaningful? I’d feel empty if that’s the kind of people I had to get approval from. I don’t even feel like I address people living today anymore. Too many signs their approval would only be empty to me – why don’t they just clean up their act?

Seeking approval from people you don’t respect, I bet you’re not secretly miserable or something like that.

Jews, rabble, you are such respectable people, your opinion matters so much to me, there is such value in telling you your ideas have value.

What a meaningless existence that would be.

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