So there are about 1600 still there?

There must be some interesting academics there, I just know it.

This is a devastating effect of Israeli imperialism- they’ve had to resort to having master’s students teach classes. Obviously when you’re human beings, one intelligent species will seek to make another intelligent species that is their enemy less intelligent.

Since the “war” began, university professors with PhDs have made the equivalent of only $50 a month, and those master’s students who are teachers make half of that. You don’t have bomb a country to destroy it.

This is the kind of thing a real leftist would talk about, if they weren’t “beholden”. You need at least four times that amount a month to survive. So imagine life for Syrians without PhDs!

70% of Syrians are limited to one or two meals as a maximum

It’s because of the tyrant over there, right? It’s all the tyrant. Sure.

I gave you some idea of how they coup’d Turkey. They’re at present doing something similar with Syria. It’s a lot subtler than how they dealt with Gaddafi, for instance.

This is really bad

the drop in the success rate to less than 20% is a phenomenon in several faculties in various Syrian universities… the educational system in Syria was subjected to destruction, after the years of war 

Only 1/5 students don’t fail? Might as already be a dead country if that’s the case.

A slight geographical shift- this could be interesting

Are you too proud of a westerner to study abroad?

Anyway, knocking out the Syrian education system is similar to Iran’s satellite problem. Different methods, same goal- destabilization, lobotomy.

They want to be able to wander anywhere in the “Promised Land” without encountering any hostility. Here is a Syrian beach

Why the professors are paid chicken feed, why the students are failing out, that’s what it’s all about.

Imagine how much more effective that satellite programming will be on an ignorant population.

They’re going to be carrying Jews to that beach in one of these by 2050

Americans do that for them in their own way, don’t they?

Oh great, look at this- Damascus University’s book of the month

Is it already too late for them? Have the cosmopolitan atheists already infiltrated? The Alawite ruling-caste could’ve been bought off by now, who knows. March of this year marked a decade the civil war there has been going on. Maybe they just got sick of all the chaos? I know all the above are not good signs. Iran seems to be doing a lot better. Thing is, as each ally of theirs withers away so will they. Syria needs a philosopher king before it’s occupied irrevocably. However bad Syria might be, it’s probably doing better than the US, which is simply a defeated nation.

About 8 million Syrians use the internet, so lots of potential “ETs” to hear from is the way I see it. Pre-ZOG minds. Someone like that, who’s a doctor of history, that’s the kind of person I look for.

Pff am I just talking to shills here? Probably. I’m studying a country that isn’t already done for, and telling people from a country where it’s already for years been done for about it. I’m going, “Look at this, some countries are still in the process. The process is already done here!”

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