Since Iran is one of the only viable countries in MENA (not to mention in general) I’m just sticking with the Farsinet. This is the kind of thing I keep seeing when I ask them about media studies

satellite TV series cause spouses to be pessimistic about each other… and change Islamic standards towards choosing Western mates.

So, the melting pot, except in the opposite way that we see here.

This is disturbing isn’t it?

Anyway that seems to be a prominent theme in social engineering- “they” seek to halve people in a sense. They only want half-Iranians in the future. That’s their way of ending certain types of thinking.

Jumping from the Syrian internet to the Iranian one, I get the sense that Syria’s head is bandaged so to speak. Making people half themselves through a planted war. Submit to Allah? No, you will submit to Schiff.

Laughing at the thought of a half-Mexican version of me attempting to understand the powers that be. Not a chance…

Honestly, whoredom already makes me feel like half of myself. It’s like, what is there in life. Nothin?

So many different ways of destabilizing countries.

The other side is, whores are half themselves also.

Nice and pliable when you’re a nihilist, and that’s what a whore tends to be.

Ahhh fighting “them”, alone, and for nothing. And what’s the alternative? Being together with frauds, for nothing? And not fighting “them”? Sounds like a lose/lose, and I just happen to hate frauds enough to choose the other option.

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