I’m on a TV kick I guess. Cantor, that one who wrote about the Godfather as well as Vegas being the destiny of the US, the American Dream being misused by con-artists, etc. – would you ever have expected this?

The Simpsons portrays the national government negatively and celebrates a turn to the local and the global

I clicked this essay though because it had this title

Please make me love hollywood and netflix! What would it take?

Cantor is an illustrious Roger scholar, if you remember

My whole enterprise in Gilligan Unbound was haunted by the fear that I was illegitimately using categories derived from high culture in my study of popular culture.

I don’t think he seemed like too much of a snob at all in his essay on the Godfather.

He does say though that the best shows cannot match the lines of Yeats. I can see Cantor being booed. “Booo you’re old, shut up.”

He’s talking commercial pressures on the creators of TV shows being a source of corruption, and I have the ironic speculation that “prof” Cantor has similar pressures in even writing somewhat favorably about popular culture at all. “Booooo you stink, talk about stuff we like instead of the classics.” Remember I found Cantor originally on that Index, so he’s privy to the awareness of the crudity of the typical everyperson. I wish more people like him would do what he does- “deign” to “sink”. Seriously, we can’t diagnose the maladies of the mainstream without someone doing that.

“I’m not gutter scum, I’m damaged.” – can you wear that on a t-shirt for me?

There’s a reason people consume this stuff that doesn’t meet the criteria of art. In many cases they’re broken. Ugliness attracts ugliness. I think of it as a shattered mirror attracting shattered mirrors. Francis Bacon paintings, etc. The last few times I’ve watched Comedy Central that last few years? Maybe it is possible to die of cringe. Did I die in those moments? Maybe a little part of me did die. The worst part about it is that real people are cloned to be like these fallen characters. See, Cantor isn’t going to go into geburah-mode like this. I take this as a form of “rabble bribery”, which is truly so ubiquitous it’s invisible. Nice independent statement from the core of your very self, buddy–yeah right, you’re a rabble-flatterer, it’s just first nature, you ARE the rabble now.

I really feel like we’re living at the nadir of a political cycle, it’s so great to be alive right now, we should cherish every moment of it. People are pretty much walking vomit. Nooo please don’t splash me with that thing you call your “self”.

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