Hows about we do a genealogy of this subject

Until the late nineteenth century, doctors practiced as free lance agents, which meant that they assumed all the risks of their decisions.

“I already got the vax, it’s too late, I’m feeling more like a communist robot already.” Nonsense, that’s the rigged election, higher-volume brainwashing, and social media bannings that got you feeling that way, let’s not be conspiratorial now.

So this is where this all started eh? Thanks Mullins

The Act of 1511, signed into law by King Henry the Eighth, in England, made it an offence to practice physic or surgery without the approval of a panel of “experts.”

You might think of Francis Bacon (the philosopher not the painter) in this context, and the owl of minerva. He was born in 1561 and his shtick was about science ruling society. In other words, he only put into words what was already happening. Philosophers are the self-awareness of a society. Mullins is like that actually. This book, from 1988, is specifically about the monopoly of the medical industry. No, not the board game. You probably will think of that game the rest of your life when you hear that word. Haha let’s have fun, it’s just a game, “haha”. Who owns Boardwalk anyway? And many other squares? If you say you might go directly to Jail.

The years fly by don’t they? It’s called COVID-19 and we’re nearing the end of 21 now. Where was most of your focus during that time, I want you to ask yourself. What did you spend the most hours doing? I just think many people were brainwashed during the lockdown, honestly. I’m not one of those kind of unhinged people who don’t believe it’s a real illness it causes, I just think the people in Opinion Control used it to their advantage. Creating even more docile subjects. That “wall concept” really shook the globalists it seems. Back to the usual rootless cosmopolitan programming now.

I’ve written before about how my “journey” to the right had its springboard in my questioning of scientism. So this is kind of funny to me, seeing SCIENCE! fail for months and months. Leftists only believe in blank-slatism because they trust the science. No, that’s pseudo-science. Jewish anthropologists could explain a lot about that if you asked me. I’ve seen this epidemic thing as symbolic since the beginning.

Isn’t this strange, of all days?

Maybe… “lockdown” has been a certain GULAG or something like that.

The reason I usually don’t talk about it is because it seems like the easy way out. This is how the normies get their “fix”. Whoaaa you question them about that whoopdie do, question them about something more dangerous you coward. Albino slavenigger detected. I’m just telling you the facts. The “vaccine” doesn’t matter when you already have been vaccinated to be a slavenigger. You’re pathetic and have no dignity. None at all! So stop pretending that you do. What’s that, you’re paranoid about the jab? What consciousness are you actually trying to save? Because it already seems gone. You’re already a willing servant who has given up their dignity, so a vaccine shot isn’t going to change much. So if you wondered why I usually don’t bring up COVID, it’s because there are more pressing issues, which you will never touch, because you are pathetic and have sunken beneath the level of real humanity. How does it feel? Must be pretty fine if you keep living that way. Hence I say- proud slave. There must be a word worse than nigger for you, because even the blacks of the south weren’t proud they were slaves. I try to bust you out of your shackles and you can only be bitter about it. That’s a real lost cause there. “We freed the slaves, now WE’RE slaves!” And the Jews only laugh at you, they think that’s funny, they think that’s your rightful place in life. And anyone who tells them their history is a fabrication and they’re more merchant than chosen people they will laugh about dying alone in a ditch, and you’re probably such a trained pet of theirs you’ll laugh with them. How do they say it on the street? You a real nigga.

“Okay, what about Mullins and the monopoly of the medical industry?” What do you care? You’re already their personal servant, why do you care?

what has essentially been since 1900, a re-established colonial government in the United States.

We made it about a century at least as a “free country”, right?

No, man, this a time when countries aren’t controlled, what are you talking about?

Anyone who doesn’t talk about the similarity here might as well be an ignorant African savage

Star of David on the US of A. Unless you want to “run cover” for your masters in hopes of being “scooped up”? Haha nigger. Only humans fight them. Anyone who helps them is less than human.

Heh I see Mullins talking about some things and won’t even post it, because I know my readers are too far gone to understand.

You’re a second-class citizen and happy about it, and do what you can do to avoid being a pariah. That explains everything about your “concern for the good, the true, and the just”. There’s no word in the English language that can accurately describe what kind of filth you are.

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