Don’t you love secrets?

the secret disgust English women feel at being female

This explains a lot about our state-religion. The sheer numbers involved is why it’s such a prominent feature in our belief-system. Half the population feels like they were cheated in their birth. They will resort to any immorality, any illegality, to “restore justice” for this. To acquire their “fair share” there is no depth they will not sink to.

No one likes to formalize what drives all this eh?

secretly women hate being women, and are profoundly envious of men. But whilst most women feel this hatred and envy, only the fewest are candid enough to confess it.

They are one with the State in their goal to make all of society feminized so that they will not have anyone to envy anymore. Do you catch the implication of that? They hate themselves and they want everyone to be like them, i.e. something that should be hated. You’re simply, to coin a phrase, a dumb cunt, if you are like this. You need a backhand. You’re lucky there are laws against it. Because the natural order is for men to be stronger and to beat the shit out of women who cause disorder in society. That would solve the problem, I’m sorry no one wants to be “candid” with you about that.

Another aspect of it is that they demand to be treated as something that they’re not. They want more respect than they actually deserve. So let’s frame it like Ludovici, aptly, does above- they hate themselves and they want us to love the very thing that they hate. They’re probably right to hate themselves, they’re children with driver’s licenses. I don’t hate a child, I’m just glad I’m not one, and I’m not going to treat them like an adult. They want everyone to be children like them so they’re not envious anymore. Don’t fall for appearances, they’re salty skanks who don’t care about what’s best for society overall. A woman can’t see outside of her own head, that’s part and parcel of being a child.

Women are body, they are not mind. And for those of us who had naive youthful hopes about the equality of men and women, there’s lots to witness in today’s world to be let down by. You know what “gets me”? There’s nothing sexy about a sex-object. And that’s pretty much all “emancipation” has led to- all they are is a proud object that’s used for sex and nothing else. Maybe it’s just me, someone like that simply isn’t attractive.

Do you like brutality?

They could think of only one way of alleviating their aching sense of worthlessness, and that was to ape the male, and to masquerade and even function like him.

I only try to explain our belief-system, and this says a lot about it. There are bitter inferiority-complexes everywhere. And like Ludovici says, few are candid enough to admit it. In fact I’ve never seen it admitted once. So do you want to confess something, get something off your chest?

Whether it’s a male or a female therapist I highly doubt they would prompt you to “spill your feelings” about this. And why is that? Because we’re in a gynocracy and that’s a closely guarded secret. That often seems to be a characteristic of those with power- they have a secret about themselves they keep their subjects from even whispering about. So why don’t you just verbalize it? See what happens, maybe you will be freed from your feeling of inferiority by doing so.

Look what Ludovici says here- someone said it, someone finally said it

Nationally, however, what have proved equally catastrophic, are the political consequences of female influence, the increasing stupidity of the population resulting from the Feminist way of life


And all for nothing

they have “not notably advanced the cause of women as such.”

He calls this the fundamental unprintable reality

self-contempt implicit in not wishing to be a feminine being in her own right, and in masquerading as a male, is modern woman’s neurosis

Yeah there’s nothing “crazy” about hating yourself, never admitting it, and taking it out on those you’re envious of, perfectly sane people are capable of that after all. Respectable, virtuous people on the other hand? Only a lowly person would be capable of that. And I don’t let lowly people do what they do without saying anything against it.

Ahh and here’s the rub isn’t it

the majority of women in this country, like a large proportion even of their menfolk, are quite incapable of taking an objective, or what Ernest Renan called an “achromatic” view of anything, much less of an issue that stirs their subconscious inferiority feelings.

Ludovici is just reading them like a book

They have enough secret and half-conscious anxieties to cope with

Too bad there isn’t an n-bomb equivalent to use. Self-loathing and self-denial spun into loathing the people you envy instead. No, not “crazy” at all.

The more I think about it the more women seem like a “crime family” similar to the Jews. I think many of them know they’re retards who don’t deserve power, and they just all stick together to preserve it, regardless of the consequences. Yeah, I think we need a special n-bomb to describe that behavior. Envious self-hating retards with power- that could only have disastrous effects on society. Only a lowly person would allow that to continue.

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