Brewing up hatred for the 50% gives me an ecstasy that leads me to direct hatred to the 2%

Hobson would target Jews in his 1900 publication The War in South Africa, where he claimed that a small group of international financiers, German in origin and Jewish in race, had masterminded British imperialist policy in South Africa.

A picture of the future. A different kind of “Brazil”. What are some more sources?

John Burns, a Liberal-Labor member of the House of Commons, in his scathing commentary on Jewish influence on British policy in South Africa

This “Brustein” tips us off to another book by Hobson

noteworthy 1902 treatise Imperialism: A Study, he assigned responsibility for the imperialist Boer War to a clique of international Jewish financiers.

No my dear Jewish readers, you’re not them. You still sweep their footprints for them though don’t you.

When I see books like this by Jews condemning “anti-semites” I wonder if part of them is talking out of the side of their mouth in a gloating fashion. As if to subtly celebrate with their co-ethnics, “Yup, we did that!” “The Boer War, add that to the list too!” No… I must be imagining things. A goy couldn’t be THAT good of a mind-reader could they? “Shut up, I’m not proud of it!” Sure you’re not.

Ah so these ones had their eye on the diamond and gold industry of South Africa.

“Yes, God promised it all to us. And gave us every right to do whatever we need to do to secure it.”

Another source for those interested in this “case”

One of the most outspoken opponents of Britain’s interests in South Africa and Jewish influence on governmental policy was Henry Hyndman

Anyway, I’m going to start with Hobson. The first essay I find on google is by someone named David Feldman. Does that sound like a trustworthy name to you? What do you think about how he starts this essay?

In the years of high imperialism at the beginning of the twentieth century what bearing did the British Empire have on the Jews, or Jews on the British Empire? The silence of scholarship might lead us to answer ‘not very much’.

Control the gold and diamonds, control the scholarship.

Want to hear something funny? EIGHT of the ten first google results when I look up this Hobson are articles written by Jews! One of the ten is Hobson’s wiki entry. “We’ll tell you about him, goy.” These are some real weasels.

Whatever man. I think of how I had a family reunion sort of thing a couple months ago, and when you devote a lot of time to understanding this kind of stuff you have nothing to show for it. There’s zero cultural incentive to understand the nature of these vermin. At least if you’re a fraud your family can be proud of you I guess? Because that’s what’s expect of the normal person? Just seems like either option has some kind of emptiness to it. My question is why don’t even rich people talk about this stuff? It seems like “the best of both worlds” just isn’t really possible. Okay I have my McMansion on an island, I have muh boat, muh loving golddigger, and then I can talk about the same thing I do now? There has to be a reason you don’t see those kinds of people doing that.

Why does this seem more true the more I study it?

Something that would be kind of good to confirm if true, no?

You always think it’s going to end. When’s the next war? And people will be blind going into that too?

Why is South Africa now one of the most murderous places on earth?

Why are the most “protected” people the most depraved? We protect them from being informed of how depraved they are? Call me crazy, I think people who aren’t depraved need to be protected from those who ARE depraved. Call it a hunch. Upside-down world.

Different sorts of crime families, and all the families got each other’s backs against the non-protected peoples. Protecting… crime… families…? No thanks. None of them have any justification for it either. It’s just a way for them to indulge in various vices without being questioned. That’s not something that should be ~protected~. They’re not just morons, they’re immoral morons. If you help keep them protected then you are one of them. At the center of all of them is the Jew. That’s the glue that keeps them all together, and able to be depraved with impunity, and you know it.

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