Look at how rapid this is

We have you surrounded, it’s time to step out of the buildings with your hands up!

Oh sorry, just living vicariously through the Taliban, as one does.

“Race doesn’t matter, mannnn.”

Can’t all of God’s children just get along? Who are these Hazara?

I was looking for the intellectual foundations of the Taliban on the Pashtonet. All I know is that the ones in yellow are ruled by a globalist puppet, and an enemy of an enemy is a friend.

It was after 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan that many of the Hazara took up governmental roles.

They are a West Eurasian people.

What is it with so many places in the world where one ethnic group rules another within one country? It seems like it might be better, “until we get things figured out” for each ethnicity to have their own country. How does a foreigner know what a people’s best interest is? If a given patch shows stark signs of failing then perhaps a foreigner should then step in. I’d like to see how it goes when everyone has their own country though. So many Han people ruled by the Hakka- maybe they’d be happier without them?

This seems like a crucial subtlety

Only in the last couple centuries has the term “Afghan” referred to anyone besides Pashtuns. Who are these Eurasians at the heart of their country then?

tHeY’rE tErRoRiStS!! Yeah or they just want their country which they’ve lived on since ancient times? Pashtunistan.

I do not look for this connection, I simply find it

They have a history of “persecution” too, I wonder what that means. They had to disguise themselves as Pashtuns for this reason. Until Uncle Sam gave them a hand, that is. So much secrecy in those deserts. I don’t have to remind you of the Alawites and Druze? Are there secret identities and disguises like this in the Amazon rainforest? And no, I won’t name my favorite one of all here! So masterful at disguises they made their way across the f%&#ing ocean. Never mind that.

Okay, what did they do?

People of other tribes would not eat with Hazaras and children of Hazaras were deprived of education and schooling. 

We’ve seen this pattern before

After the collapse of the Taliban 20 years ago, the Hazaras embraced hopes for a new democracy in Afghanistan.

Who knows, they could be innocent. What I do know is that all the worst kinds of people have taken advantage of democracy in the US.

So do they have a track-record of questionable behavior, I want to know

Hazara remain committed to the idea of a multicultural, democratic Afghanistan

They’re feminists and equalists, I have no sympathy for them.

They’re possibly Khazars that were raped by Mongols, there are a few theories out there about their exact origins.

Here’s a map from this very day

What are the chances the part in yellow in the center there is where all these Equalist Hazaras are hunkered down? I bet they take a deep breath when they turn the key in their car. I’m enjoying this too much.

There are many maps that equate the Hazara presence with the “government”

What did you do Joe? Their blood is going to be on your hands, you’re going to wake up in the night screaming.

So we might be witnessing a 21st century Iranian Revolution of sorts. The occupied government is being closed in on. Looks like they have less than a month, maybe they should pray to their equality god.

“All of a sudden I relate to George W. Bush for the first time in my life!” Yeah you’re both hippies that don’t see the consequences of your ideas. Namely, pure godlessness.

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