It makes me laugh how uneasy this kind of thing makes certain people feel

This is from Ludovici’s 1934 The Choice of a Mate. I just like to talk about the things people don’t like to talk about. It’s a kind of sadistic humor for me you could say. Even the most veteran, unrepentant slut gets uneasy when they see the words “Girls and Love”. They’re a still a “girl” inside, a part of them still wants that. “Why wouldn’t I?!” ahahaha! Seems like something that’s hidden in today’s world. I get the sense they’re perceived as “not strong” or something if they show they care about that.

As far as “existential moods” though, I think this subject messes with people’s minds the most. It isn’t anything political, is it? Because usually I use political subjects to try to jar people. Is it more political or personal? It isn’t easy to say. We like to believe it’s personal I think.

It has to be noted that europeoples seem to have a guilt about not redistributing genetic wealth, and THAT is political. They feel like greedy gluttons to continue as white in the next life. So personally they might be happier, and also at the same time, personally they’d feel greedy.

I’ve only seen ONE leftist ever admit it out loud. Most of them are mealy-mouthed and hinty about it. This random person I saw once said something to the effect of, “All races need to have an orgy so we can end racism once and for all.” That’s the agenda many of them have, they just never say it.

Just informing you, you’re making a political sacrifice when you do that. “You’re a greedy bastard!” Yeah that’s the only way I can see myself happy is if I’m “greedy”. So let’s make a distinction here- political happiness versus personal happiness. I’ll be real with you- if I did my equivalent of “service to the leftist cause” I don’t think I could be happy with an Asian woman. Maybe as an exotic fleshlight? Harsh as it is fair. Put another way- a “European soul” is very simple to detect, and that’s probably the only kind I could ever truly love. If I made a “sacrifice for leftism” I think my life would be pretty empty. Plus, Asians tend to be predisposed to feelings of racial inferiority and the need to compensate in various ways, and who could respect that? “Taking one for the team” – political versus personal. Or even going one step further- who could respect a europerson who’s guilty about being greedy? That itself would be a type of sacrifice. And no, leftists do not let you know about these ways of thinking. I spoke earlier about “disguises”, and the desert peoples aren’t the only ones with those. It’s funny to imagine POC reading this- if you really want to know the truth do not trust anything on the surface that leftists say. They’re so far into deception they often aren’t even aware of it themselves anymore. Because that’s PART of the sacrifice, forgetting that it’s a deception. Take one for the team, live a lie, a noble lie in their eyes. Only lizards will see these things, “the unspoken”. And other species of lizard will seek to keep it unspoken. “The more you know.” How the world turns, how future consciousness is shaped. They’ve determined it’s greedy to have too much consciousness. I for one don’t want to be miserable so I don’t hide the fact that the eurosoul is most attractive to me. Makes me laugh to say the phrase- I like noble blood. So not just any euro. Some euros might as well be third-worlders in their level of spirit. Could you be happy with someone like that?Just saying, life seems like it would be pretty meaningless to anyone who didn’t take these precautions. If I was with a black girl who only talked about sex all the time, or an Asian that lacked the spontaneous spark, I’d probably put a noose around my neck. The left wants us to make that sacrifice. No thanks, as much as I criticize white women they’re the only ones who are truly alive, and thus they’re the only ones who are truly beautiful and lovable. “That’s a greedy thing to say, don’t you feel guilty!” YOU are not truly alive if you’re in that frame of mind. Only lizards believe they should continue to exist in order to administer over the herd, and only a very particular species of lizard sees the jew-lizard as part of that very herd. When you make a sacrifice for the leftist cause you are only leaving the well-being of the flock in their questionable hands, and THAT I think is something you should feel guilty about.

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