I’m going to set myself that challenge again to see if a “cool” version of feminism actually exists somewhere. I don’t rule it out, it could happen. So just jumping around for now, yes, this seems real

the continuing work of patriarchy, as powerful, mediocre men gaslight their way across the landscape of democratic institutions.

Is this something that is meaningful to them?

Shell-Shocked shows how women have talked back, acted out

Do you want me to be honest or not? That just seems like a childish frame, so hopefully you don’t see yourself in that picture. If I personally saw myself as “talking back” I’d feel kind of embarrassed. Being a white man is kind of what feminists want to do, so why not learn how to do it?

I was imagining a Latino guy talking like a monster about humanity like I do and thought “Hey I could probably respect someone like that.” Even genius IQ POC tend to have ~feelings~ though and their emotions prevent them from being that way. If you want real equality you’re going to have to be able to think like a monster. I’m not kidding.

“We just keep your type out of public so we don’t have that ideal, haha!” You’re a sham then. You don’t want equality, you want mediocrity that’s labeled with the euphemism of equality. A female president would have to think coldly like I do I think.

“Talking back” – that’s still making me laugh. Are feminists my bratty daughter or something?

“You’re going to be alone forever with that mouth.” Yeah I really want to date someone who I see as my daughter. It’s a real struggle.

Know what I think would be brave? If a feminist destroyed all her intersectional supposed “allies”. There’s room to do that. Usually all the “oppressed” ones are lumped into the same conglomerate and women’s interests aren’t exactly the most prominent once all the different colors of playdoh are mashed together. That would be like stabbing themselves though in a way, because all the oppressed ones seem to share an identity, as oppressed. Betraying your own team it would be seen as. Heh needless to say there are plenty of feminist critiques that can be aimed at Jews, blacks, and pretty much every class you can think of. You can’t say it even though it’s true- that without Jews and blacks in the country women would have more dignity. “I don’t care if it’s true, I’m not looking for dignity, I’m looking to be a well-thought-of cog in the Culture Industry.”

If you wanted to take a Laruellian sort of approach, you might think of your “decision” to speak like a feminist at all. It’s kind of like a cheatcode I’m thinking of. Put bluntly, a real person doesn’t have to talk like a feminist. The decision to speak like a feminist binds you to being a certain second-class person. Instead of expressing feminist sentiments–or even more counter-productive, expressing anti white male ones–you could simply act like a white male. Feminism is a way of life between the subhuman and the human. You might say this pivotal stage is necessary in our historical situation, and sure, that’s why I say this is a cheatcode. Nothing says feminism like not talking about feminism and simply being a rational adult who is naturally respected in the eyes of white men without any need for pity-centered apologies and affirmative action. “That’s too demanding!” It’s easy. Pretend you wrote this very post of mine. Is that consciousness-split possible for you? A female president would probably have to be able to see reptile-jews as part of the herd too, that’s a given. Can you do it? Only certain natures truly care about sovereignty, and there aren’t many of them, and especially not many women are like that. Just being real with them, like I try to do, is probably the only way they can ever be sovereign. It’s possible for a female Jew to see her co-ethnics as having herd qualities, after all I see whites that way. Centuries of being a shyster and you couldn’t even use all those “siphoned” profits to form a moral people? What’s the point of life? These are questions I’d ask my co-ethnics if I were a sovereign Jew. See, that’s why it’s easy to see them as herd creatures, because I know they get way too emotional when they face this challenge. Cue the excuse-generator, their Ashkenazic IQ has a calling for that.

Anyway, see this?

Too much intersectionality by the looks of it. That inhibits white women’s potential. The problem is, leveling is so much one with feminism (when it doesn’t strictly need to be) that you naturally will find yourself among other types of levelers, and that WILL LEVEL YOU TOO. We return to the subject of “greediness”. If euro women wanted to go as far as it’s possible to go they’d unshackle themselves from the other “oppressed” types. They’d probably be too guilty to do that. Let’s not mince words though about this reality- POC and Jews hold women back.

Side thought- is there a female equivalent of Boulainvilliers somewhere out there? Probably best to learn from women of the old nobility.

This is all probably kind of “scary” to you. “Yeah right, nothing scares me!” Sure it doesn’t. You’d have to stab so many people in the back to actually ascend to the ideal.

Even someone like the original hotgirl Sylvia Plath would be canceled today. And I’m speculating about going back possibly centuries before her. “I don’t care how forks are supposed to be arranged on the table.” That’s a strawman, a strawwoman. It’s an attitude I’m speaking of. There are so few people I would trust starting a lunar city. They’ll just bring all the worst elements of humanity there with them because they’re too squeamish about stabbing people in the back. Not all feminists are the same- that insinuation from yesterday about how they hate themselves and have worldviews grounded in envy only applies to certain types. If you want to copy white men, then nobility is probably the kind you want to copy. Same can be said to self-hating POC too. This only applies to ambitious types, are there don’t seem to be many of those. Most are happy with their intersectionality and sinking to the lowest common denominator in a fit of bitter rage. So, in conclusion this is my off the cuff isolation of a “cool” possibility for feminism.

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