Marion Sigaut, a member of Soral’s circle, has some counter-history writings on Voltaire, who I showed before was more influential in both the French and Russian revolutions than people tend to be aware of. This is from the description of one of her books

He is one of our jailers, one of the keepers of our mental prison.

Atheism-as-the-standard which we see today did not appear from nowhere, there were specific writers who formulated it, and he is one of the more prominent ones.

It’s kind of creepy to think of philosophers as “programmers” and that’s pretty much what some of them were

its “software” as we would say with a term of today, the paradigm in which we live

This book of hers has an interesting title

It’s claimed that his ideas have formed the creed of the French bourgeoisie for two centuries. And one of Sigaut’s other ideas is that it is the bourgeoisie that triumphed in the French Revolution.

She gets people pretty emotional in France

Sigaut is the same one who wrote about the reasons for the lack of bread for the poor in the late 18th century being not due to the despicable despotism of Louis but rather the debtors that surrounded him.

Sigaut encountered some “locked doors” when studying these subjects. They say that there is freedom of research only for those who aren’t enemies of the Revolution.

Only finding extracts from the book so far

Voltaire was at the service of the powerful, the merchant bourgeoisie and finance, and we wanted to make him a popular hero… Everything we use to attack the old regime and the Church is taken from Voltaire

Anyone reminded of… Cromwell and Charles?

These revolutions fundamentally shape our world today so it’s important to get the facts about them right.

Look at this too, it’s typical in the reactosphere to see the French blamed

It was in England that Voltaire swore to devote his life to this project; and he kept his word. 

England is also where he wrote the play that was so popular leading up to and during the Revolution.

on his first trip to this country (1725-1728), Voltaire was received as a freemason

Recall my post on Ostretsov. There’s a link to his book on Voltaire’s influence on Russian freemasonry in that. Ostretsov also details how freemasonry is essentially Judaism for goyim. “EXCUSE me!” You’re excused.

If you remember our resident traitor-banker’s book, France was slower in adopting the central banking system than England.

It is from the time of Voltaire’s trip to England and his initiation into Freemasonry by the English, that the foundation of the first lodges in France dates, at least of those established to prepare for the Revolution.

So ping ping ping, England -> France -> Russia.

And, like I said before, “freemason” ideas are pretty much part of normal discourse in today’s United States.


M. Hérault, lieutenant of police, reproaching him one day for his impiety, said to him: “No matter what you do, whatever you write, you will never succeed in destroying the Christian religion.” Voltaire replied: “This is what we will see.

So don’t act edgy if you’re an atheist, someone who was born in the 1600s said this.

Something interesting I’ve learned in my studies recently is how the Church seems to have been more of the main enemy than either the royalty or nobility. The Church is what sustained their authorities, if you knock that out you knock them out- it wasn’t the other way around.

Here is a link to some excerpts from Sigaut’s genealogy if you want to know more about the foundations of contemporary secularism and interlocking anti-royalism and anti-aristocratism.

I am tired of hearing them repeat that twelve men were enough to establish Christianity, and I want to prove to them that it takes only one to destroy it.

And who exactly was involved in his initiation into freemasonry in England? That’s a question for another time.

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