I’ve kept that Byzantine Platonism book open in a tab for a while

There’s a similar dynamic here between Platonists and Talmudists. How to survive in a Christian society. (Do you feel dirty being similar to a Talmudist, or is that just me?)

This thought is a natural continuation from my previous post- one can critique Christianity in a couple different directions. Voltaire-style I’d characterize as “democratic” for lack of a better term. Then the Platonist critique I’d call elitist.

I’m not a Christian, my interest in finding a decent Church is about settling, really. You know what though? I’d probably have to “settle” for a Platonist Church as well. Ideas-wise I’m a very picky person. What I do know is that “higher truths” exist and it would be healthy psychologically to engage in rituals with a group of like-minded people to facilitate the concrete remembrance of those higher truths. After years of reading Heidegger, even he is kind of annoying, I’d probably roll my eyes in a church based on his thought too. Since a philosophical church like any of these is a pure fantasy I’d settle for a Christian one, because at least that’s something.

Finding an institution that doesn’t reinforce these ideas is going to be difficult

The people of today are not Christians, they’re not Freemasons, and they’ll never be Platonists- they believe in the corporate-approved progressive cause that happens to be trending. And even the ones who ostensibly oppose the latter aren’t actually very different once you see past the surface. The idea they’d ever find a Platonist Church palatable is laughable. They’re people of August 2021, and anything that conflicts with those dogmas is not going to be acceptable. With that said, freemasonry at least doesn’t contain much that they’d be allergic to.

This is the kind of thing my mind gravitates to

at least a generation before Plethon the use of Hellenic philosophy to reach divine illumination was considered by the religious establishment to be a dangerous possibility

What the progs believe is not something I care about at all. OLD forms of Christianity versus Platonistic gnosis. You have to care about society way too much for prog ideas to be part of that debate whatsoever. If you live within “Voltaire’s horizon” the Byzantine debate regarding the nature of the white light will be meaningless to you. You are probably more concerned with how to win friends and influence people through adopting some popular prog cause that’s currently in circulation. HA either that or you are concerned with painting an image of yourself as being opposed to the prog order while being subtly not so different from it. When you look at it that way the literal progs seem like more honest people than the grifters that pretend they aren’t progs. I’m getting out of here, neither one is ever going to admit what they do, or the real implications of what they do.

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