You never hear about these utopias

World War II radically changed science fiction. As soon as mankind coped with the destruction and losses, the USSR began to give out one after another communist utopia, and the West – one after another dystopia, as a rule

I’m trying to have an open mind! How did these old soviets envision a communist utopia? Those tens of millions of deaths must have had a beautiful ideal behind them, right?

We’re still kept in the dark about these cousins of ours – you ever hear of this one?

The first “heavy” post-war Soviet utopia – “The Andromeda Nebula” by Ivan Efremov – was written in 1956.

This one involves the erasure of peoples and races. “Yes, please!”

Why do people in the US act so secretive about our version of this?

Naturally, on earthly soil, the Soviet science fiction writer could not show a bad future, because communism had already arrived on Earth.

I bet this thought makes certain people drool

the fifth century of communism, a single world state with a capital somewhere in the Moscow region

More plausibly somewhere in the Beijing region, now. It’s the year 2521, and the capital of the world communist state is Israel, which uses its main satellite, China, to carry out its continuing political designs. The baboons are hooting in the cyber-stadium at the thought of that.

Even as a reactionary, this seems pretty interesting, I’d like to find some of these novels in English

Right, there’s no anti-racism-“ism” if there are no races. With the “rebalancing of courages” between men and women down to a mathematical process there will be no genders either.

The following isn’t sci fi, they’re working on something like this for humans in the Netherlands at the moment

one group successfully grew a lamb in an artificial womb for four weeks.

You think the way feminists act today about seeing pregnancy as a form of ~unequal slavery~ that they won’t jump at the option of using technology to do the job for them? This isn’t sci fi, this is going to happen in reality eventually.

Before you get too excited there’s also the question of how the children will be raised. “Artificial parents” – are you nuts? This is the telos of all this though. That’s another form of slavery to them. They want no races, no genders, and they conceptualize this (without much reflection) as everyone being an adult who is free from responsibility of any kind. Everyone is a god, beholden to nothing. They can travel anywhere on earth, which is one state, and probably anywhere in the solar system too, which is also one state. Am I warming you up to communism?

You want to be realistic about it though? What do you think about it so far, it’s already halfway here. Men are cowards, women are shrews. Is that a utopia to you? How about the feature of third world values being regarded as equal to first world values? I don’t expect many people to be unemotional enough to look at this without flinching and proceeding to make excuses. This isn’t a utopia from what I can tell. When you blur together all these different types of people, high and low, the result is most people don’t seem to have that great of taste. When the high and low is blurred and blended together the consequence is that mediocrity is the ideal. “This is just a necessary stage before communism!” And what are you going to do to get to the next stage? It seems like you’d have to sound like a nazi and emphasize to people that having mediocrity as an ideal is NOT ideal. Cowards, shrews, the idiotic behavior of mulattoes, the idiotic behavior of spiritual mulattoes, this is not a utopia. To get to a utopia you have to say this isn’t a utopia. And for that YOU GO GULAG. It’s all too real isn’t it. Does a shrew disagree with me perchance? I’m shocked, what an unexpected response. People’s idea of communism just seems really lazy- they take the easy way out. If you want an actual utopia you have to be less sensitive.

Challenge to the leftists, learn from your soviet fellow travelers and talk about this kind of thing for once

“Intelligence is relative, morality is relative.” Yeah you’re an idiot, YOU belong in a gulag. Must be a coincidence that unintelligent, immoral people want to tell you intelligence and morality are meaningless concepts. One World full of people like that really sounds like a utopia.

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