If that’s just who they are and they’re never going to change maybe we should just operate within their framework

Are leftists even ALLOWED to imagine a utopia?

This was published the same year Sputnik was launched

the first attempt in Soviet literature to paint a comprehensive picture of the life of a highly developed communist society.

Some descriptions of this novel, I can just see a commie going “All my dreams, and I can never say!” Will you hold it against me that I laugh at you for that? I’m saying them at least, why can’t you?

Andromeda Nebula is the most famous novel by the founder of modern Russian science fiction, philosopher and paleontologist Ivan Efremov. The book describes the world of the future, where beautiful smart people live

There are elements that remind me of Leary

On Earth, borders have long been erased, peoples live as a single family, deserts have been turned into oases, an ideal climate reigns everywhere, and man rushed to the stars, towards amazing discoveries and unknown civilizations.

You can probably pick out a few things in the above quotations that today’s commies really hate. Ugliness and stupidity are prized here in the USSA, and space-travel is perceived as a form of greediness. As for “amazing discoveries” – sure, if that somehow fits with their agenda of boosting self-esteem among the fallen ones.

You commie bastards got me writing about one of your utopias! It’s alright, it doesn’t seem so bad so far. Leftists today tend to be really sneaky people, I wish they’d voice their ideals more directly like you see in this soviet genre.

Everyone on earth is one family… Why not a posthuman family? Is that too much to ask? Why do you hide that your policies lead to a prehuman family… I don’t even know why I try to play buddy with people like that. Communism is supposed to be progress, annnd you’re going back to a prior form of evolution? “We’ll make excuses to give all of humanity a hug.” You must have gotten some bad acid somewhere along the line. Some 17 year old cooked that up in his toilet. I need to play your toilet acid game with you I guess.

Try to superimpose this onto America now- Stalin died in 1953, this utopia was published in 1957 during destalinization. Maybe you could look at the political reality here as being pre-1953, and there will be a burst of creative energy and freedom soon. That would be nice wouldn’t it, to be able to discuss actual communist utopias without worrying about being unpersoned? “One family” sounds good to me too, it’s just what the nature of that family will be I have reservations about. Can you just face the reality of Detroit? After white people moved away it got more and more third-world every year. Prove you’re a real leftist and go for a walk in the night there, I dare you.

I don’t know if you can ever admit it, it seems really obvious to me- real communism seems like it would involve some of Nietzsche’s ideas, and in all of my studies, it is Leary who brings the Übermensch up to date with the relatively latest technological advances. Without them you have a communism full of people who are worth nothing. “We just want to give humanity a hug!” You’re not serious then. You’re a crying woman, and it’s good you’re probably not in government, and you never should be. All you do is “protect” people from growing because you think it hurts their feelings too much. No, I want to see a black or latino or feminist someday talking about how CRISPR can actually help them in a way that “hugs” never will. I want to see a monster for each respective group arise that starts a college where strict discipline for their people will be enforced by a whip. That’s how you can get a communism with people who are worth something. Not coddling them like they’re babies in a crib.

It’s good you people aren’t in government- biologically designed to be a bitter pleb that can’t see through the inherited dirt in their vision. Sorry to tell you. Mental midgets that need to stay away from all politics.

I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that this genre is so obscure

the writer painted an impressive panorama of the communist future on a united Earth, a society inhabited by fundamentally new people. They solved most of the social and technical problems known to Efremov’s contemporaries, rebuilt the planet, turning it into a blooming garden, and went out to the stars. 

You’re not turning earth into a blooming garden.

Wait wait I have to take a second to AHAHAAH AHAHAHAHAHH!!H!HHQH!HAHHAHA

You’re not at present turning earth into a blooming garden. It’s very sad what you’re turning it into.

This is a consequence of communist-thinking though- everyone’s opinion is respected equally. You’re not going to get a blooming garden with that. Don’t make me laugh. So many try to disguise themselves as a human being and they just can’t do it… it’s too harsh to even go into detail about this.

This is the kind of commie I can respect here

The heroes of the novel are astronauts, historians, physicists who burn themselves out in intense creative work. People of art lead a painful creative search. Obsessed with a thirst for knowledge, earthlings meet a variety of dangerous adventures, which the novel abounds in.

What happened, leftists? Why are you such a sorry sight today? I like these “evil soviets”, these fellow travelers of yours. Why is this genre obscure? An alternative communism…?

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a leftist write something like this with similar Learyan themes?

their radically rebuilt spiritual life, worldview, everyday life, family, work and leisure, gender relations, raising children, even about their penitentiary system

Nah, most of them are content being lazy, keeping up with the Joneses (Cohens).

Whoa, learning now someone DID translate this into English. Just the descriptions and excerpts alone I’m already more sympathetic to communism. Leftists in America are seriously doing it wrong.

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