I just talk of primal things here, and goyim are lost souls. No woman is worthy of me, they’re all sell-outs. That’s what they want too, for only sell-outs to breed with other sell-outs, it makes their task in the future easier. Meanwhile Jews breed with other Jews while continually telling goyim to breed with jungle savages. Sounds like you aren’t being conned at all. The sad thing is, it isn’t a question of whether you will be conned, it’s the reality that you already have been conned, and now you can expect to be a retarded jungle nigger in the future. Challenge them that way, good luck. It’s all part of your destiny. Born a slave, you’ll die a slave, and your kids will be slaves too. What niggers!

Yeah you really missed the boat. Who cares though, only jewniggers and their slaves will exist in the future, so who could ever judge that properly?

Here I am again, speaking to these hopeless people another day for many years in a row, and I’m starting to get the impression they’re simply niggers who no one can ever help and we live on a failed planet.

Most people who are hostile to this awareness have lived in a white man’s world as a guest because the alternative is a hut. What’s wrong, nigger? Think you can’t do it yourself? The only reason Israel exists is because of manipulation and bribery. You Jews don’t deserve a country, and you’re only ruining the US now because you want to return to Israel eventually and make that the new US. You can’t do it. God cursed your race. He marked you as a nigger. And now you take revenge on all other people through your shady compromises with worldliness. “Who is there to question that?” Good question, you make sure no one ever questions you, and that’s what a desert nigger does. How does it feel to be a nigger and have to hide people who question you? Let me know, Jew. I bet you won’t, being the nigger you are.

So tell me again why I have been hidden for years while psyops have repeated the message “white man bad white man bad” for years without saying my name? Must be a kike is hiding something. What is it, my good Jewish friend? Are you one of the ones who hates all the Jews around you? Tell me about this mystery of a state within a state that relies on hiding criticism. Do you feel criticized or something? You seem really mature when you can’t let anyone know about it. What a sad Jew.

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