Rhymes with spook

in 1492, many of them were able to find refuge in tolerant Holland. These were the families of Baruch, Lopez Suasso, Pereira, Pinto, Mocatta, Rafaeli and others.

I’m continuing to patch up history, especially where I find the “loudest silences” in the standard account.

If it was the Bank of England–rather than the “despicable despot” George–that caused our Revolutionary War that sent our current belief-system in motion then I want to know what the Bank of England was like before it was the Bank of England.

Holland (the northern part of the provinces of the Netherlands), after a successful revolution and liberation from Spanish rule, became the first capitalist republic

You might understand my instincts at this point and guess that I’m looking on the Rusnet for this.

BARUCH – they just had to say that name didn’t they. From Holland to the Federal Reserve? No, it couldn’t be possible.

Hmm so many pictures of Bernard Baruch and the patsy Churchill together- that’s a rabbit hole for another time.

This is what I’m interested in at the moment

Francisco Lopez Suasso (c. 1657–1710, also known as Abraham Israel), was one of the richest Jews in Holland and one of the most influential bankers in Europe in the late 17th and early 17th centuries. Francisco Lopez Suasso granted in 1688 a significant loan of two million guilders to William of Orange to seize the English throne

Bank of England- founded 1694.

Do you remember seeing the name Lopez somewhere else? Recall this. When we ask “Who owned those boats?!” a Lopez was one of the most prominent owners of those boats. Not to mention, if you download the study titled The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1: The Jewish Role in Black Slavery, and ctrl+f “Lopez” the name occurs 99 times. Details, details.

Scroll up on this post and see the initial names quoted- they marry each other. A banker by the name of Moses Lopez Pereira was one of the richest people in England in the mid 18th century.

It’s not George, it’s not Napoleon, it’s not a goy you should be focusing on. If you do that you are in fact what is known as a “dumb goy”.

The Lopez Suasso family was closely associated with the Dutch East India Company

I always get the sense from these ones in particular that they have a “secret agent” quality. A Jew living in England with a Portuguese name… who used to live in the Netherlands. This is some deceptive behavior to say the least.

Lopez? Is that some tattooed Mexican with gold teeth that runs the drug cartels? This kike family probably calls itself Smith or Williams these days. Nice baby smooth face, no beard. Once you get the eye for it though, even without the beard you can tell matzo just isn’t the same for them without Christian blood in it. “That’s slanderous!” No, it’s well-documented across dozens of countries, want me to do another post on it? Cannibals, slave-traders, sex-traffickers, we love the Hebrew people don’t we folks.

Anyway, not like it matters because they’re all cousins, here is another family if you want to go hunting for real history

the de Pinto were among the richest Jews in Holland, closely associated with the House of Orange. They provided financial support to William IV of Orange, including the creation of the Bank of England in 1694.

It was Cromwell though that let them in a few decades before that. So they took a sort of “vacation” in Holland for 150 years or so before arriving in England. This is the broader context of Voltaire being initiated into Freemasonry in England in the 1720s.

You can find lots of information at this link.

This is an amusing statement to read- this is about the Cliffords

Unfortunately, the family’s archive disappeared during the Second World War.

This is an informative link too.

I almost can’t believe my eyes when I see someone say this kind of thing

did not allocate a single dollar for the study of the financial oligarchy. History, economics, political science, sociology practically do not study big private capital in its past and present.

What could this be????

Perhaps the exception was Soviet social science, where serious attention was paid to the study of the origin and activities of large Western capital. So, there was a series of books devoted to the study of the financial oligarchy (“Lords of the capitalist world”).

Whoa, lots of material here to sort through.

This is what I mean about academics turning their backs on the people. They’re not going to get a single dollar for it so they’re not going to write about it. Even though they could produce the best studies of anyone.

Here’s how this Russkie describes what’s in question here

the history of capitalism is not so much the history of states as the history of the private business of bankers, which was based on cosmopolitanism, i.e. the idea that national interests are lower than personal ones and often contradict them

Heh you might notice at that ru.wiki link most of the pages are missing for those writers.

Between that sci fi utopia from yesterday and this though I’m starting to warm up to those demonized Soviets. American leftists can’t hold a candle to them in either of these two regards.

Former commies can give you some pretty good advice

Peculiar handwriting; correspondent letters without replies, oral, incomprehensible without context information included in letters – this is what awaits researchers planning to deal with archival data on this topic. It is also known that the death of many members of the banking families was followed by a massive burning of their papers.

What’s more important, in my mind at least, is the psychology of these people, rather than numbers and receipts and all that. THAT’S what I wish academic geniuses would devote themselves to. I’ve tried to give you some hint of how their gears turn myself. I emphasize that even normie jews who are proles and not linked to their financier “cousins” at all STILL want any goy who talks about them DEAD. I’m not exaggerating, I’ve seen hundreds of hints over the years that people want me dead, and it’s often Jews. Not like the slavenigger whites are innocent either. This is all to say, it’s not simply that “they” won’t pay you a single dollar to study these things, it’s that their citizen puppets are also hostile to anyone understanding any of this. Take it or leave it, no one else is going to tell you this. Even if they never read the Talmud they all still believe that if anyone talks about the secrets of their crime family they should die. The more perceptive goys agree with that sentiment because they see Jews as the leaders of international communism and so want them protected. No lies detected here, this is reality. And now my laptop has been going off the fritz lately, the most recent of many curses to befall my life. This one is probably a coincidence, and so many others I really doubt were coincidences at all…

Maybe if you actually had a clear idea of a real utopia. Then maybe I’d regret throwing a stone at your bee hive. Unfortunately all you buffoons seem like you have no idea what you’re doing.

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