If you’re a commie, pretend you never heard of the concept of “patchwork” before and you’re just learning about it right at this very second. Doesn’t it piss you off? Ahahahaha.

Anyway, this genre seems really interesting to me

Can you count how many of these things American leftists care about?

I count two- lack of ethnic hatred and materialistic worldview. And the latter probably has a more precise Marxist sense that is totally different from the American kind. So I count one. Why is this one thing so important to them?

“Because IT IS, that’s why- BECAUSE!” I really don’t think I’m caricaturing them. They don’t have reasons to justify it, they’re just following trends, unthinkingly.

Anyway, like I said yesterday, they’re never going to change so might as well operate within their framework in certain respects

You’ve probably noticed a theme here, that of returning to “the originary”. What was communism supposed to be about originally? Take a Nazi’s hand, I’ll lead you to discover. Seriously though, I want to know- the Soviets’ conception seems a lot more appealing to me than the American one.

the Khrushchev thaw… contributed to the emergence of more thoughtful and less ideologized works of social fiction… a kind of golden time for the emergence of Soviet utopias.

So two eras we can look at- more doctrinal or more relaxed.

What could this be about?

The works of Western authors did not resemble Soviet utopias, since they reflected a broader ideological base (alternative egalitarianism, neocommunism, etc.) than was customary in the USSR.

I’m going to go ahead and be conspiratorial and suggest that this is such an obscure genre because it’s a LIVE alternative to American leftism.

Everyone subconsciously equates 1984 with the Soviets. What was the utopia that they sought though? I don’t believe anything anymore. With history I might as well be a newborn baby everyday, seeing the world for the first time.

You can click through some of these Soviet utopias here. And I find Russian books in particular to be more frequently available in insta-translated versions than most other languages.

Just going to hit you with some random descriptions

set foot on the orange planet Callisto, the “world of the future”, where the communist society flourishes, amazed by the scale of scientific discoveries, the culture of work and life, and the sense of dignity, directness and sensitivity of the Callisto will help young scientists quickly get used to Callisto …

A glimpse at this old genre gives me the impression leftists here don’t have any distant goal in mind. They seem to live in the eternal now, waking up every day to hate white men, and that’s the extent of their “utopia”. Pretty unimaginative. I mean, they’re not white men so how COULD they be imaginative? Haha, just kidding, it’s a joke… What, people like me you can’t see in your utopia? Like I’d want to live in one with you. A utopia of morons is no utopia at all. You have no response to that. How could a moron formulate a response? All “progressivism” really is in the US is the brainless majority that hates any thinking exceptions. Retard Cult! I think both the US and the USSR lost- no one won.

This is from one of those sites on commie utopia fiction

The following expresses a real truth that’s pretty disturbing

Most whites are like those ones on the top right there. What, someone has to say it. Nice blue eyes, nigger.

“Aristocrats of the soul”… ahahahaha! People who write about that concept and say it’s only for the few are not exaggerating. When you first read about that you tend to be pretty naive and expect them to be exaggerating. No…

No one’s made a meme of this? I must be ahead of the curve

I’ll let you do some inferring of what I mean.

People think I’m cruel. The truth is that I just want to live in a utopia. You can’t have that when Jews take a dump in the heads of your population.

This is peak utopia here. A concept from that Efremov’s novel

Since the average earthling lives 170 years, and does not like to stay in one place, he manages to get 5-6 specialties.

Renaissance men, probably renaissance women too. Not just a “jack of all trades”, an ace of all trades. Or at least five or six! You need a very particular kind of brain to do that, sorry to tell you. 170 years of being a retard…?

See how differently they thought about leftism

1917 turns out to be the year of the beginning of a new chronology. Since then, the communist era lasted for a thousand years… By this time, mankind was fully united under the leadership of the Council of Science and Technology

They were on Leary’s plane of consciousness more or less. “One family” like that sounds great if you ask me. America’s conception is not going to lead to a utopia. You’re a bunch of hedonists and nihilists.

Seriously, so far this DOES seem as interesting as Thomas More’s classic

one can even agree with modern Russian authors that “Andromeda Nebula” is the last classical utopia in the history of world literature

Some editions are over 400 pages so I’m going to be scrolling awhile.

Important to know if true

an agreement on the main features of the future… in the works of Bogdanov, Efremov, Martynov, Strugatsky, Gurevich, Snegov “we are dealing with the same utopia”

And they say Efremov is the one who provided the most exhaustive account.

This is like the Russian version of Leary, awesome.

Leftism has regressed so much in the west that this genre is probably interpreted as “reactionary”.

Ahh so many things the Soviet leftists cared about that American ones don’t

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