Laughing fox: aww

This map’s from four hours ago

What do you think, should this be trusted?

The problem is, the Taliban is more hostile to the “satellites” than even the Iranians, and they simply treat the internet as an evil instrument the west uses to corrupt people, so “their own words” aren’t going to be that easy to find.

Wow, there’s probably an equalist being beheaded at the very moment you’re reading this. Crazy! My heart really goes out to them.

So you might want to learn about what drives these monsters, just so you know what to look out for in case, say, your son starts reading their books. The Taliban subscribes to the Deobandi school of Hanafi Islam.

Many of their leaders studied at the seminary Darul Uloom Haqqania in Pakistan, which is known as the University of Jihad.

Wait a second, are you trying to accuse me of trying to get angry young men interested in something like this? What, in THIS world?

Leftist totalitarians are great, who would ever laugh at their heads being chopped off?

One might have to deduce that this seminary must be more valuable than any of our ivy league educational institutions.

I do not blame them

So they don’t offer Zoom classes, I take it?

The son of the founder of this school directed it until he was stabbed to death a few years ago. Thankfully (or not so thankfully depending who you are) he left behind more than 20 books. Never heard of him? Many such cases, though this one seems like a symptomatic silence more than the usual. His dream was for the Taliban to retake Afghanistan, and so it looks like his wish was granted after his death.

What do good-for-nothing Americans do, steal a podium?

So this Sami ul-Haq seems like someone we could learn from.

He looks like such a nice, kind man

If you beat the USA you deserve to have your books read. Seems obvious.

I’d be suspicious of this second one here, the only one available in English

Here’s the best I could find after much digging, good luck finding an insta-translated version. If this Taliban takeover is an Iranian Revolution 2.0 these kinds of books should be made available in English sooner rather than later. The crumbling of the globalist order happening before our eyes, and there are thinkers responsible for it.

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