Meditating on this meme still, I think it says a lot, explains a lot

If you even have a doubt in your mind about where you fall on this, I really don’t think you should have a say in politics at all. All kinds of different subhuman nigger. If you even have a simple doubt in your mind… It probably means that–use your imagination.

I don’t think it’s accurate in terms of numbers either. If I was a photoshop person I’d make it a lot more of a dismal reality, because that would reflect the truth.

It’s just a meme, don’t worry about it. Don’t let it affect you.

I know I’m not here to talk to those ones in the top right.

It’s a feeling you have. If you have one doubt about it that’s the only sign you need. Do you happen to identify with the happy merchant? I certainly do not. I don’t identify with those non nigger whites either, that’s just the closest approximation this “memesmith” has provided here. We need better, more refined memes. I genuinely believe that a future aristocracy is the way to go, and looking at the above is a sort of Rorschach test to sort out people who should not be involved in government at all. The niggers of society exist ideally to be babysat, not to have any voice that all “adults” of today enjoy.

So what do you think, what do you think? It’s a feeling. You can decide for yourself where are on that. I know for certain that there are many white niggers that lurk among whites. Or to make this more precise- Europeans, including Russia.

As much as I am strict person since no one else can endure being that way, I’m open-minded to “Alfarabi types” in the MENA region, and I in fact know a few of those exist from certain books I’ve seen. Usually MENA people will not pass the test though.

This is the way I break it down, maybe you disagree- aristo whites are at the pinnacle of the pyramid, then certain Asians and Muslims are beneath them, THEN the white niggers are beneath them. Is that too much for you to accept? White niggers are the cancer of the world, there are a lot of them too.

I’m not here to make “friends” in the ordinary sense. It’s all about clarifying the perception of the people who actually matter. That’s right, don’t let the nigger mobs confuse you about this- if you look at that meme you might have a feeling of where you are. I repeat- if there’s ANY doubt, then I wonder if you deceive yourself. If I could I would hook you up to a lie-detector test to determine the truth of it. Because if you’re a white nigger then you also identity with a sassy fat black bitch, and that’s not someone whose opinion is “equal” to mine. Hahahaha! What are you doing, nigger? Do you not care society is ruined with a democratic attitude like that? No, they don’t care, that’s why they’re a cancer. They’re proud of themselves, they want to preserve being a white nigger.

“Wow, I feel like I’m reading someone really harsh right now!” Yeah? To some of us it isn’t harsh, it’s just a normal reality. We have to deal with all these different subhumans all the time. So some probably appreciate when this is voice- you’re not alone. If you actually care about an aristocracy in the future this is something that needs to be talked about.

I repeat once again- it’s a feeling that you have. It’s one thing to look at a cartoon and another to look at your fellow humans and fellow whites. Don’t have any doubt about it, there are lots of pale niggers. I approach this in an attempt to be scientific rather than as a braggart or something. I don’t know what happened with these white niggers, they must have went wrong over the centuries somehow, and we need studies to determine exactly how it happened. What I do now is that it’s extremely easy to pick one out of a crowd, just as it is extremely easy to pick a kike out of a crowd, or a literal black nigger out of a crowd. All these people need to be put in the “need to be either babysat or shot” file. Should we take care of them? In what way should we take care of them? They all form a majority so the values of children can reign. That’s the main problem at the moment. They all work together to make sure no one exists anymore to judge them as children, as niggers, etc. Just pretend you’re writing sci fi if you don’t want to talk about reality. A clean sweep might be the best option. Even with a few million people who aren’t niggers, the world would probably be a better place than with 10 billion niggers on it. The Taliban dune coons figured it out, I think we can. My instinct is we shouldn’t “care” for them, we should simply shoot them. Any nigger, whether black, jew, white, woman, brown, asian, whatever, any subhuman piece of garbage should simply be shot. The only thing that truly matters in humanity is consciousness and people who don’t flinch when all this is talked about are the only ones who understand what that is. And all the niggers want that not to exist anymore. It’s a plot against humanity. These are animals with clothes.

Anyway, good to have fantasy readers who don’t feel accused or guilty while reading this sort of thing. I know you exist somewhere! That’s right, the only real “light” that exists in the universe.

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