From the Heebnet

The Taliban built its power with the help of Pakistan’s intelligence services. The neighbor sought to establish a government in Afghanistan that would serve her interests

If true, this is a pretty substantial fortress

All of them together are about the square miles of India.

Also, you ever notice this?

We’ll see how this turns out- it could alter China’s Belt and Road plans

If you remember this post too, Turkmenistan is one of the most hostile countries to Americans, so it’s quite a collection of countries all grouped together here

Lots of land with lots of people who aren’t slaves like the typical American, that’s pretty much my point here.

Meanwhile, it should be noted, the security forces of the Afghanistan puppet-regime have been fleeing into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which is probably telling of where those countries’ loyalties lie.

Sick of Weimar? I continue to isolate potential expat locations.

Ahh, first ones I’ve seen make this connection- from the Heebnet

A Russkie confirms the initial Heeb statement

the real sponsors of the Taliban are not Russian or American intelligence services, but Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI). In this regard, the main external beneficiary of a peace agreement with the Taliban in the event the US leaves Afghanistan will be Pakistan, which, after the legalization of the Taliban, will receive much more powerful leverage on Afghan politics

Remember the jolly fellow from yesterday, his “Jihad University”? That is in Pakistan. Know yer satellite-states.

Anyway, the ISI is headed by Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid. I wonder what the Mossad thinks of him.

Uh oh! Look who has nuclear missiles

It’s estimated that Pakistan has 165 nukes stockpiled.

This is from 2009

Pakistani intelligence is monitoring key members of the Pakistani Taliban to prevent the Afghan and Indian governments from infiltrating… Pakistani intelligence killed the two prominent members of the Pakistani Taliban in Kabul to prevent the Afghan government from infiltrating

I’m sure some “feds” have snuck their way into the Taliban… How much would you have to be paid to do that? ahahaha

Anyway the Farsinet gives the impression that Pakistan’s relation to the Taliban is stronger than Iran’s relation to Hezbollah and Hamas.

It can be said that Pakistan and its military intelligence have complete control over the political and military leadership of the Taliban and, if necessary, can weaken or even eliminate the group

I still think Dugin’s framework is most helpful for interpreting this type of subject. This is a fourth political theory that is not liberalism, communism, or fascism. You might notice I talk about the Taliban somewhat favorably, so you can guess which one of the three I find it most similar to.

The way the Iranians spin it, Pakistan and Afghanistan might as well be one country now

the Taliban and other terrorist groups are part of the Pakistan Army’s militia. Pakistan has direct and unquestionable control over the Taliban and the political leadership

And they say they proceed with a policy of denial about this fact.

So, what I gather from this is that a country with nukes just kicked the US out of its new satellite-state. An inspiration to all anti-Americans.

Today, we see that Pakistan has waged a full-scale war

And they won.

So if Pakistan controls the Taliban, who controls Pakistan? A question for another time.

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