Who would really be surprised, no one?

Here’s another theory that could be related

It’s not simple to determine, no one should pretend they know what’s going on

Who would find it advantageous to get rid of the Hazaras?

It very well could be that the Pashtuns are sovereigns of Pakistan, and now they are sovereigns of Afghanistan.

If you want to get ~conspiratorial~ maybe the Taliban was planted by the Mossad via Pakistan (ohoho!) in order to… destabilize Iran. Where do you think the refugees are going to be spilling into?

“Shut it DOWN!”

You know they would pull that shit too.

Am I the only person around who talks Realpolitik or what?

So Biden said it’s not our problem. Maybe this is part of a plot to tell Iran “It’s YOUR problem now!”

Remember who the real “prize” is here, who they hate more than anyone

This can’t be a good sign

Musharraf coup’d the government in 1999. He was president until 2008.

Yeah… I’m starting to get skeptical of the Taliban now

In 1993, Musharraf personally assisted Benazir Bhutto to have a secret meeting at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C. with officials from the Mossad and a special envoy of Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin. It was during this time Musharraf built an extremely cordial relationship with Shaukat Aziz who, at that time, was serving as the executive president of global financial services of the Citibank.

Afghanistan has a population of 40 million. If they used their Taliban puppets to destabilize the country the refugee numbers could easily get up near Syria’s

Just a speculation. Maybe Pakistan is innocent. We like to think that, don’t we? Maybe Syria’s refugee crisis and civil war wasn’t entirely caused by Israel. We like to believe that, don’t we?

Here is Wikispooks on Pakistan

In June 2021, the government announced that it would disable mobile phones of those who refused COVID-19 jabs.

Could be nothing.

You don’t hear about an Iranian intelligence service doing something like this

Aafia claims that she was kidnapped by the Pakistani intelligence services with her children and transferred into US custody. She further alleges that she was detained in a series of secret prisons for five years during which time she was repeatedly tortured and raped.

Back to that President Musharaff who coup’d Pakistan in 1999- he appointed Ehsan ul Haq as the director of their intelligence services after 9/11. Haq studied in both Chinese and US universities.

There’s something suspicious about this

In May 1998, Pakistan conducted underground nuclear tests, which for some reason did not cause any serious sanctions

Only if someone is under your control would you not care about that.

So obviously I have the Yinon Plan in mind when thinking about this subject

Or think of it this way

They don’t want Iran to be a “nasty neighbor”, and they could be using Afghanistan in the east to destabilize them too.

I don’t want to fall right into their hands by thinking the Taliban is some grassroots movement or something like that. If they’re controlled by Pakistan, and Pakistan has all these questionable connections… then you have to wonder.

My speculation at the moment is that 9/11 never ended and we are possibly seeing the scam extended into the present with the so-called victory of the Taliban. Just a thought.

This is probably the most glaring reason for suspicion

The joining of Pakistani and Israeli spy agencies in the “Operation Cyclone” against the former Soviet Union after the occupation of Afghanistan in 1980 marked a turning point in their cooperation.

Meanwhile, as I write this post, the “Iranian” elements remaining in American society are being gradually eliminated.

Oh yeah I forgot about this Esther

The Goldsmiths are cousins with a family I won’t name. They make it just too obvious. Then again, only looking at headlines about the Taliban you’d never guess something like this.

They know a thing or two about time-preference alright

You can read more about this here.

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