I have the urge to save LOTR from the progs, so let’s see what I can do about that

Strange coincidence that one of the first links on the Rusnet is to the Elista forum.

Hmm ignorant people who are used to achieve higher goals… I know lots of hobbits like that.

Then there are some with good intentions where this happens

the world of Light absolutely must not resort to the evil desire for power in order to ensure its victory over the Darkness. To resort to that desire would be to ensure the triumph of the Darkness.

I feel it necessary to remind you of my post on C. S. Lewis, Tolkien’s best friend. Do best friends always have the same politics? No, they’re just probably similar.

“Why do you talk so casually after you murdered me yesterday?” What do you mean, that’s everyday.

He was heavily influenced by the mythology of Iceland, same as Wagner, what does that tell you? Since no one else is going to say this I feel I should.

The wee prog piggies must have kept this from me over the years- Tolkien says this himself in a letter

The Lord of the Rings is of course a fundamentally religious and Catholic work

During my foray into scholarship on fantasy I saw it stated a few times that he is the definitive author of the genre, and it’s like duh, it’s nice to see specialists say it outright though. And this is important especially in light of the popularity of fantasy in movies.

Most of it was written DURING WW2, not after, note.

You already know I just want to see what he says about the elves, so I’ll just go ahead with that

The entering into Men of the Elven-strain is indeed represented as part of a Divine Plan for the ennoblement of the Human Race

In 1944 he himself says this!

we are attempting to conquer Sauron with the Ring. And we shall (it seems) succeed. But the penalty is, as you will know, to breed new Saurons, and slowly turn Men and Elves into Orcs.


“It’s just fantasy, it doesn’t matter, shut up.”

Just something to keep in mind a year from now when the LOTR TV series is released, just an innocent sabotage here.

Any nerds interested in this?

The cast doesn’t look TOO dirty at least, I’m sure they’ll still find a way to mess it up.

In the recent LOTR films, the special effects interpretations of the orcs are more racially neutral than Tolkien’s description

I’m sorry to tell you that these things exist in real life. It sickens me to think about how real it is. I don’t want to be one of those!

Can’t imagine a leftist talking like this

orcs’ role in Tolkien’s narratives is simple. It is their place in middle-earth cosmology that makes them complex, entangled in issues of the nature of evil, free will and redemption.

Am I wrong????

The overlords must discuss this somewhere. There must be some echelon of society that doesn’t pretend PC is truth. They must discuss the evil, free will, and redemption of “orcs”.

How Tolkien describes them in another of his letters

creatures begotten of Sin, and naturally bad. (I nearly wrote “irredeemably bad”; but that would be going too far.

He redeems them by calling them God’s creation. So, similar to that banned Frenchman who argued that you-know-who is part of the Divine Plan.

“Can you just STFU please?” The left can use this CLEAR language for their projects, I don’t care.

This is similar to Vico’s cycles of history

The Silmarillion, which is virtually a history of the Eldalië (or Elves, by a not very accurate translation) from their rise to the Last Alliance, and the first temporary overthrow of Sauron (the Necromancer): that would bring you nearly down to the period of ‘The Hobbit’.

Elves were the idealized human to him.

I hate how much this reflects actual reality

The doom of the Elves is… to teach them, and make way for them, to ‘fade’ as the Followers grow

This one’s from 1950, I hate this

The Elves held out in secret places (not yet revealed). The last Elf-Kingdom of Gilgalad is maintained precariously on the extreme west-shores, where are the havens of the Ships.

He goes on to say that Sauron controls the humans, and in keeping them away from the elves they lost contact with the gods.

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