This is unexpected to read

Tajikistan is a country that is Iranian in terms of identity and considers itself Iranian

There must be a nice quiet oasis somewhere.

You don’t want to live in clownworld, you don’t want to be a target of clownworld, ideally

I don’t care if Americans think I’m crazy for this, I really don’t care. You people are so doomed. Jews want bad things for you. They did before, and now especially after Adolf. Don’t believe that the policies are benevolent, they want bad things for you. And, I see Iran as Fascist Italy with turbans – you caught me!

Are there pockets of sanity spilling out across the borders somewhere?

I don’t care if you’re a proud Jewish slave! You are a nigger! Worthless opinion.

Objective facts spoken. Bask in them.

I’m not going to be part of their scheme, no thank you.

Does anyone know anything about Central Asia?

Wouldn’t it be a paradise to be part of an institution where you can essentially call kikes niggers and be praised for it? It seems really clear that’s the truth, and that’s not a ruling-caste I can respect. The earth would be better if every last one was wiped out. Every mischling too. Every book written by a Jew, burned. And you decide to take orders from these very people who deserve that. I wonder what that makes you. In fact, I know exactly what it makes you. Have some fried chicken you fucking nigger.

Anyway, who made these maps and borders? It seems British and French people had a hand in them.

when we talk about the disintegration and loss of Iran’s borders, we must note that the hypothetical maps that are published are not accurate

This is one of the more obvious ones

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has Goldsmith children, how blatant can you get!! It makes me laugh. Somewhere around here where that isn’t the case, that’s what I’m looking for. Oh yeah dude I really trust that Pakistan-backed Taliban. Maybe you never hear about Central Asia for a reason? Syria is a smoldering ruin, Iraq is zogged out of its sandals. Iran might as well have mind-control rays beamed at it incessantly.

Anyone who doesn’t think about this kind of stuff is some kind of zombie. You are a spiritually defeated person in a colonized nation. Your children don’t have a chance if you stick around there. The mind-control is getting ever more mathematical.

Haha you probably have decided to live a modest slave’s life. That’s so sad. Tolkien made hobbits between two and four feet tall, and that’s how I see you too. You think it’s just a figure of speech to say that elves have pretty much been genocided? Not even humans really remain. Hobbits, orcs, goblins mostly. They’re all really easy to pick out of a crowd too. Simple signs tell you everything about their mental constitution. You won’t find anything noble there. Might as well be animals that live in the dirt, and now they have nice technology. Really stomach-turning to hear them talk.

I know why goblins visit this site too- they’re like How cute, one of you survived. What are you going to do about it? Nothing? Since you’re only one person?

It’s the year 2081, and this is your Jewish granddaughter

Is there anywhere “sneaky” to live here?

Iran is The Enemy, and China is its own kind of slave-state. So what about somewhere in between? Why did that Sasha Cohen choose Kazakhstan of all places to ruin the image of?

Hmm this could be a good sign actually

Under Soviet rule, Kazakhstan was exploited, starved and used as a dumping ground for political prisoners.

This is where they put their reactionaries?

Isn’t it amazing there’s so much earth and seemingly nowhere that is ideal to live?

Why am I the only one who talks about all this? I think it’s because people are so braindead there’s no need for a “free patch”, they don’t care enough to want one. At best they’re perfectly content alt-lite types. These seem like a sort of negro servant to me. And all they can do is deny it. Hopefully your savage grandchildren enjoy the rations.

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