If Evola is a Kshatriya and Guenon is a Brahmin, who furthered the thought of the latter?

Parmi ces guénoniens de la Stricte Observance, on peut citer Jean Reyor, Frithjof Schuon, Michel Vâlsan ou Roger Maridort et Denys Roman.

His closest collaborator is considered to be Reyor.

The goal, in my mind, is to be authentically initiated into esotericism. These words are used in a hollow way by the botpeople, and I have a different meaning to them.

Some of these guénoniens formed a lodge consisting of Catholics and Muslims. Kind of a strange mixture.

From the first random book involving this I see

allowing a convert to Islam to delay a ritual prayer… because of “current cyclical conditions” or because the time of the prayer is only an “exoteric” formality that can be “essentialized.”

These people are speaking my language.

Oh yeah, earlier I saw yet another girl in a hijab writing about the sorts of things I do. They’re not “free” there, don’t worry about it. Islam is the religion of slavery, secularism definitely isn’t. Yeah right.

This seems accurate

Working first in Paris and then in Cairo, the French writer René Guénon rejected modernity as a dark age

It’s such a relief to find an explanation for all this. Yup, this is a dark age.

Aw man, I was excited to find this one

You have to look out for goblins because they will only lead you to a false initiation.

There are lots of names of guénoniens to sort through here if you’d like.

Just watch it happen and let it go

There’s nothing you can do about it.

The best you can do is not find yourself in that process falling with them.

About those guénoniens

member of a Sufi tarîqa (like everyone else!)

Good way to think about it

Guénon’s work, La Crise du monde moderne, is translated into Tibetan and the author is presented as an eminent lama of the West.

I was just going to ask about this…

Guénon did not crack the slightest comment on the period 39-45

He probably thought “it” was a pretty typical event in the Kali Yuga.

This is just the natural state of people who live in that

Surprised I never thought to look for Guenon’s followers- apparently someone named Leopold Ziegler attempts to synthesize his thought with Heidegger’s. Willing to bet it’s 100x more sound than any French Heideggerianism.

Meanwhile, everyone knows that the “political Guenon” is Evola. In light of that, don’t you find it odd that Guenon was buried with the name Abd el-Wâhed Yahiâ? I sense I scare people by being so open-minded about Islam. He was a SUFI, relax.

Here is a hermeneutic of suspicion

the term “political” appears very little in his work because it emerges from modernity

This is what his most political book is about though

all deviations, in particular those leading to the modern world, have their origin in the revolt of the warriors against the spiritual authority of the priests

Evola revolting against him, that’s a funny concept. Anyway, to put this matter differently, it’s one ruling caste stabbing another ruling caste in the back. Everyone’s the same! Castes don’t exist, forget about it!

Guess which ones here are Kshatriya

Then the merchants take over the Kshatriya. Easy.

Here’s an odd character

We’re getting super refined with this. The Iranian Revolution didn’t go far enough…

Earlier today I read on the Farsinet that the Iranian Revolution was one of the most important events in the 20th century. Probably. You won’t hear that from virtually anyone in the west. Now with this Nasr, can we take it further? At least on the plane of ideas? This is another polymath that’s against the modern world, hate to see it.

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