Ah phew I was worried about the meaning of this

In late 1978, Farah Pahlavi asked Nasr to head his office, and Nasr agreed. He later explained this action:

“I felt that I was the only one who could, as a mediator, help create a situation in which, for example, Ayatollah Khomeini would reconcile with the Shah and establish a kind of Islamic monarchy, as we had in the Safavid era”

(Safavid Dynasty = 1501-1736 AD) They still pretty much kicked him out of there anyway and he teaches in Washington DC to this very day. Before the revolution he was the vice chancellor of the University of Tehran. So someone of his brainpower was influenced by Guenon, that’s what’s interesting to me. An Iranian interpreting Islam through the lens of a western convert to Islam. Hey, those French and that Ice Age, you know that deal. Nasr was also influenced by that Corbin.

Face it, this is probably the only “Muslim” you ever knew

That was a pretty good show until the last season. I’d like to be lost on an island with the elves.

Anyway, Nasr has written over 50 books so it’s not like it’s easy to figure out what he’s about.

This sounds like quite the achievement- on his Guenonism

been able to present this critique in an academic language that is of sufficient rigor to be acceptable to those trained in Western academic philosophy

I’ve never heard someone like that. Guenon is marginalized, and Nasr probably got away with it “just because he’s black”.

That’s a pretty interesting notion from my last post though isn’t it? That Iranian Islam is an anti-western weapon, and in that sense it’s departed from tradition. This is the kind of thing we need to think about when we establish our lunar civilization. Even being against them might make us similar to them in a way, so we have to figure out how to affect a clean break.

This is from the 50s

He said, ‘‘We will read the books of Rene Guenon’’—something which would have never occurred in a university in France where his work was shunned in academic circles.

People aren’t happy when you tell them we’re living in a dark age I guess?

I’m definitely getting the impression he was seen as “the silly Muslim man” and that’s why he could say that sort of thing without the fragile progs shattering. “This is the PINNACLE of history, what do you mean?” Nah, being an atheistic blank-slatist just makes you a zoo animal without a cage.

He’s such an anomaly. He didn’t fit in with these people after returning from the WEST

the Faculty of Letters of Tehran University at that time, which was the heart of Persian culture and thought, was dominated by modern, Western ideas.

You see why Iran pisses the globalists off so much? It was all “going so well” before their Revolution.

It was a westerner that awakened him to his hatred of the west. And that westerner was awakened by the east.

Being more precise though, it isn’t simply the east, because Plato is one with “the perennial philosophy” as it’s called also, which I’ve noted a few times before. The old Hindus, the old Egyptians, they have a more accurate perception of the world than modern-day people. I know many disagree… One might also recall that the Dionysian Nietzsche wrote favorably of the Code of Manu in one of his last books- he’s a sort of perennialist himself.

He had to flee- they confiscated his property for trying to help Pahlavi and Khomeini make an agreement

there was a really formidable jihād on my hands to try to turn things around and to make Iranian society more aware of its own heritage.

Just goes to show how much things can change in a matter of years- Iran is “Nasrian” now.

An odd fellow by the looks of it

Am I “pilling” you at all with this?

the Arabic word al-islām means “surrender” to the Will of God as well as the peace that issues from our surrender to Him.

Nasr sees this in a perennial light, i.e. that this is the meaning of all authentic religious traditions. If the Shi’ists of Iran are immune to the godless materialism of ZOG then their particular tradition must get at something real. I never thought about that too much, that the foremost Traditionalist of the 20th century died a Muslim.

This is what he says about the Quran

Abraham and Jesus are also called muslim, that is, one who is in the state of al-islām.

I’m sure you’d rather “surrender” to your urge to read the meaningless nothings of the heathens on social media. Whoops, did I “getcha”?

Pretend for a moment that I’m right about you, that you’re a zoo animal without a cage. Just pretend. It’s possible to not be an animal at all. I’ve surrendered to God myself. And I’m quite the arrogant bastard wouldn’t you say? So if I can, anyone can.

Hating “priests” I’d have to say is a symptom of fallenness in many cases.

Anyway, lots to dig into with this thinker.

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